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Samurai Ghost (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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This action platformer features a samurai ghost from the depths of the underworld. In a past war, Kagekiyo managed to defeat the shogun Yoritomo and his clan. However, their evil spirits were not completely destroyed, and now, in the world known as Dark Side, they seek the time of their rebirth. In order to shatter those ambitions, Kagekiyo must make his way across seven zones and head for "The Heart of the Darkside" where Yoritomo lies in wait.

Use spirit weapons to power up your sword, or other items, such as candles to recover health, and defeat the endless hordes of enemies. Each zone is not only protected by a boss but also includes demons as well as real samurai from 12th-century Japan. Get ready for some intense one-on-one combat action.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This action platformer features a samurai ghost from the depths of the underworld.

The ghost of a samurai? Surely this must be awesome! Unfortunately, the truth is far from it. You play the ghost of a samurai who has returned to avenge himself. Thankfully the game information tells us this, as the main character looks nothing like a...

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User Comments (11)



KeeperBvK said:

Wow, no pics so far and even no general information.
Sounds interesting already, though. ^^



JNoodles said:

Looks intersting but for some reason, I'm thinking this game will be rated two-three stars at most.



michinmuri said:

I can't give it more than three stars. I loved it when I was younger, but I remember playing when I had my second Turbo Duo, and it wasn't all that. It's jumping and slashing and about it. The control takes a bit of getting used to. The graphics are good for it's time, but not a horrible or great game. Not quite as good as Ninja Spirit, but better than plenty of other games I've played. This game is similar to Astyanax for NES.



RGVEDA said:

Listed on the October list for Turbografx, but only for US!!!

I really hope, that we get this game this Month too. The Release Info says OLFC rated, and not ESRB rated.




destructortor said:

I played this game for PC Engine, the earlier turbographics machine released in japan, it was smaller in size and shaped like a small square. Nonetheless the screens you got up here arent what i remember.. the sidescroller switches from far away sidescrolling, the the screens we have visible upon reaching boss fights. Also i remember fighting top down on certain occasions. Again i was really young, and i'm wondering if the US release will be different. I had trouble with this game not for lack of controls, but because i wasn't able to read japanese.



Sinistron said:

destructortor is actually referring to the game before this one- Genpei Toumaden- Samurai Ghost is the sequel and the first one was only available in Japan- I have both and believe that the second one is better- though they are both kind of "eh..."



Robert said:

Namco forever!

I'm a real Namco fan, this game was also released on Namco Museum part 4 if i remember correctly.
Dunno if the arcade conversion was done as a good job tough..



Adamant said:

The original Genpei Touma-den WAS released in the US, kids. You can find it on Namco Museum vol. 4 under the name "The Genji and Heike Clans"



Corbs said:

This just isn't a very good game at all. The control is streaky and the hit detection is pretty far off at times. Nice idea and concept, but very poor execution.



nintendo87 said:

yea this game sucks i downloaded it when i got my wii and this game really piss me off

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