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Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio

Posted by Darren Calvert

For some strange reason the games for the EU were put up 8 hours earlier than expected today! Perhaps someone at Nintendo wanted to take off early for the Easter break!?

It's a trio of Megadrive goodies:

The Story of Thor - Megadrive

Sonic Spinball - Megadrive

Vectorman - Megadrive

No doubt most people won't be happy that Lylat Wars / Star Fox 64 isn't out this week. C'mon it isn't that bad, Story of Thor and Vectorman are excellent games.

We'll keep you updated if a surprise 4th game is added later, who knows what Nintendo have planned yet?

Thanks to our regular reader Johannes who alerted us to this outbreak!

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Bustacap said:

i hope lylat wars will still be released later this day
(pleeeeeeeease xD)



Bustacap said:

nintendo confirmed on teh official european site that this are the only games for this week. so no lylat wars :°(



BadSp00n said:

What happened? Where is Lylat Wars?

When Ocarina of Time was released in Europe, America got it the next VC update... How come we ddidn't get Lylat Wars the next update after America? PATHETIC!

I don't care for any of those stone-age games... The only thing that catches my eyes with the VC feature, are the N64 games. I have really been looking up to Lylat Wars today. Oh damn. What do Nintendo get from all this? More money? No. Joy out of seeing Europeans whine in agony? Yes!! :D:D

Nintendo hates Europe. We must have done something wrong for not getting Lylat Wars this time.

The other games... I don't know much about them... Vectorman can go like a vector in a straight line to the recycle bin and hopefully be made into something more interesting.

Sonic Spinball - I remember this game. Fun for 1 hour, then it became boring. You invited a friend over to play the game, and another 1 hour of fun was added before it got boring once again.

The Story of Thor just doesn't catch any interest... It sounds like some kind of game for 2 year old kids. Do they learn you to mix colors and add numbers in the game? I might give this game a chance since I haven't heard a whole lot about it yet, but it just doesn't seem interseting at all...



hero-of-time said:

Finally, sonic spinball is here! and improvement from last week but i saved up for star fox



Bustacap said:

heard somewhere that zelda majoras mask (N64) will be released sooner than you would think



Dazza said:

Hero-of-time: I'm gonna get Ant@nintendolife to give you a slap! Last week was the best EU week ever:

Dragon's Curse - TurboGrafx-16
Punch-Out!!! - NES
Legend Of The Mystical Ninja - SNES

and this week you say is better because of Sonic Spinball? LOL LOL LOL



Bazoon said:

I agree with Dazza, all these 3 games last week were awesome!

Sonic spinball and Vectorman aren't that great imo, I had Sonic Spinball on the GBA collection, it was super slow and not fun!
But as for vectorman, I remeber I played it on the Sega GCN collection, but I might give it a try but I remeber it wasn't that great either >.



Manaman said:

The 3 Sega games and their release date were announced weeks ago. This reallly shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, and in all honesty, it was easy to guess that Lylat Wars wasn't going to be released at the same time as them.

Story of Thor marks my 3rd MD download, since the other two I already own in compilations.



Steve said:

@BadSp00n: You're whining this much about having to wait more than one WEEK for Star Fox? Over here in the US we had to wait 3 MONTHS after EU got Donkey Kong Country before we we able to enjoy it as well. One week is nothing. Learn some patience. =P



hadrian said:

Story of Thor is a fantastic game as is Vectorman, Sonic Pinball I've never liked and never saw its appeal.

Already got Vectorman on Sonic Collection but ...Thor is one of the best MD games ever so thats mine



Bazoon said:

@Steve:You may never know when Lylat Wars is coming to EU , it might actually take 3 months! specaily because of trademark issues(I think, but if I remember they solved it before they released star fox adventures).
I don't know if it will even effect it, I doubt it.

I even heard Japan didn't get Star Fox this week, is that true?



Shrapnel09 said:

*sits back and plays another round of star fox* ahh this sure is an awsome game

like Steve said, this is nothing compaired to the 3 month wait of DKC, besides im still waiting for Zelda II!

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

Steve we had to wait 2 MONTHS for a link to the past in europe and i know which game i'd rather have got first. if nintendo do a proper conversion of starfox (not just shrink the borders but leave gameplay speed slow,mario kart for example) the wait will be worth it. wait and see y'all.



Dunphy said:

We had to wait quite a while for LttP as well. Pretty disappointed that Star Fox didn't make it, no real interest in the 3 put up. I've a nice long weekend off and I was hoping to revisit SF for the first time in years. Let's hope it's not a Super Paper Mario, and we get it next week. sigh...

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

oh yeah BadSpoon some "STONE AGE" games that will turn up on the vc over the next couple of years are some of the greatest games EVER made,chrono trigger anyone? and would easily outstrip ANY of their modern counterparts. it ain't rose tinted nostalgia lad it's a fact.



Jazzem said:

Can I say that Story of Thor is quite good? I didn't know what to think at first, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot now, it's the game's fighting system that lets it come into its own. Give it a go, especially if you like Zelda games



Starwolf_UK said:

I heared something interesting at another blog:
"I may have missed this, but I was just browsing through my downloaded titles on VC and there are quite a few games with updates! Super Castlevania 4, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario Bros. all got interlaced to bypass component cable issues."
Prehaps the 3 games we saw were'nt the only update...



Bazoon said:

Starwolf_UK, I noticed there is an update for Donkey kong, but what it does? makes it look better?



Don-Bon said:

I hope Monday will be good to us! I hope we get Mystical Ninja or Punch-Out.
It's a shame that you guys didn't get Lylat Wars. It should be soon at least.



yeehaw said:

It doesn't do anything, it just fixes some component cable issues that some people have, people like me! However after downloading the Super Castlevania IV update, it still doesn't work on 480p! So what's the dilly-o, is this an update or what?!



King_wiL said:

Jeez i'm disappointed this week, was lookin forward to a long weekend with a new vc game, turns out we get 3 cack games a day early. Why bother at all? why a day early? Do nintendo plan somethin for friday that'l overshadow sega's rubbish releases that probably only went on the vc cause nintendo have a contractual obligation or are they just too lazy to go into work on the bank holiday? All i know is, i'm extremely disappointed and bored, fortunately i'm currently playing Zelda:Wind Waker. Grr so angry!



Bazoon said:

Woha, you are right! the Super Castlevania IV update didn't work! I still see those flickering in 480p mode.

Althought now DKC and Super Mario Bros works fine with 480p now!



JNoodles said:

Ah, I haven't been warning you guys in a while huh? Well, sorry. I have an agenda to take care of. (Beating Death in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin XD)



DEMON212 said:

2 games I know are awful, one looks awful. "an RPG for people who hate RPG's", wow, that sounds good, NOT!



JNoodles said:

BadSp00n, your comments really put me in a bad mood. Beyond Oasis/Story of Thor is reminiscent of A Link to the Past. (and perhaps better)

Vectorman is a game very much worthy of any gamers' time, though not as good as Story of Thor and a few others.

Sonic Spinball, I agree with you there. ;D

And another thing, stop whining so much just for waiting just one week for SF64! Have P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.



barn-thing said:

I reckon that they should release pokemon snap, i translated the japanese pokemon magazine and it states that pokemon snap is definately coming on to virtual console. when? it didnt say =(



metallicorphan said:

damn i wanted starfox

just bought a lot of points as well

GAME are doing an offer where 2000 points cost £7.99 when bought with anything i bought the day after tomorrow on pre owned UMD for £2.99,LOL..still cost less than usual

this week only for the GAME offer



Hendo said:

I wonder what the next game to moan about will be when StarFox arrives?



charliemccarthy said:

Bit of a shame that lylat wars didnt come out on friday, I bought a classic controller for the occasion (got my hopes up a bit too high there) I have to say though the classic controller is so much better than the gamecube pad on super mario world! just got to beat BoWseR.....



Yoshi175 said:

Does anyone know why there are updates for super castlevania IV, super mario bros and donkey kong country?



Steve said:

What's with the updates now? I've played all the way through Donkey Kong Country at 480p with no flickering issues. Can someone clarify what problems they were (or are still) experiencing?



DEMON212 said:

=And another thing, stop whining so much just for waiting just one week for SF64! Have P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.

Do you know for a fact it's only going to be one week?

And I do have patience. I have a PS3 to keep me VERY occupied while i'm waiting for something good to come out on the Wii.

6 months left before something that's hopefully good! WOOOOOO!



Bazoon said:

@Steve, sometimes some games(mainly the ones who are not optimized) will show in 480p mode with flickering issues.

But again, it happends SOMETIMES(I played Punch-out once but then when I played super mario world I had the issues and then I switched back to punch-out and it had flickering issues).

I don't really know how to explain the issue, but you see the screen wierd which hurts your eyes(not playable, but it's definitely sucks.)

And now when I played DKC and SMB it worked fine in 480p, but super castlevania still have issues when playing on 480p! even after the update!



yeehaw said:

Damnit, I hate having to switch from component to composite every time I want to play my VC. I hope this gets fixed soon.

BTW, the VC games that are available right now kick ass, but personally i'm hoping to see the Megaman games on the VC, especially Megaman 2:) CMON CAPCOM, MAKE MY (fri)DAY!!!



JNoodles said:

DEMON12, as in one week currently

Heh, too bad, I'm getting the next WOO Wii Game on Tuesday. (Super Paper Mario)



link64 said:

According to wikipedia a commodore 64 game called impossible mission is coming to the virtual console



DEMON212 said:

Lucky you Jonno. Here in the EU we have to wait ages for anything. And this especially doesn't fill me full of hope.

This is a list of the "WOOOOO!" games on the horizon (some of which I care nothing for from the looks of them). From GAME.

=Mario Super Strikers 25th of May. (All these spin off games do is ruin a good game. I pray I never see Mario Hockey).

=Battalion Wars Q1 2007. (Well, last time I checked, Q1 ended a week ago).

=Mario and Sonic TBC.

=Mario Party 8 June 2007.

=Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Q1 2007. (Deja-Vu).

=Project H.A.M.M.E.R Q1 2007. (I'm really not joking)

=Sadness 2007.

=Super Mario Galaxy Q1 2007. (Check for yourself if you think I’m making this up).

=Super Paper Mario 2007.

=Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2007.

=Trauma Center Second Opinion Q1 2007. (So by this list, we should be swimming in the games. But, despite them saying Q1, they aren’t out yet and that means that they STILL don't have any real dates. So we could be waiting a LOOOOONG time).

I don't understand why the U.K can't get the games the same time as the states. The reason it takes so long is because they have to translate the games into every EU language.

So... Why do we have to wait? Make the rest of he EU wait, but if the English have the means to be able to play on the games and understand them, why don't they let us???

That may sound unfair to everyone else. But I'm sorry. We speak English, Americans speak English. It's a no brainer for me.

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

agreed DEMON212 what nintendo of europe needs is a reggie,y'know to kick ass and get the best deal for the uk.



JNoodles said:

ugh. That is quite sad. Nintendo should release games in Europe only about a week after the Americas at most. I mean, what do they need to do? Replace every 'cookie' with 'biscuit' and every 'waffle' with 'crumpet'? Of course, that is the best excuse ever. (Because there are no more excuses that can possibly exist as of now) 'Tis annoying.



DEMON212 said:

Waffles aren't crumpets. And we do have cookies. Which makes me wonder, just what the hell do they translate?



Jack said:

Why are people complaining about the lack of Lylat Wars? I mean, come on, we'll have it by the end of the month for definite, so have a little patience. There are plenty more classic games to be having a go at while you wait.



DEMON212 said:

For deffinite? How do you know?

We're complaining because it's an awesome game. And many of us may not have got to play it or own it.

I got my N64 real late (bro sold the first one we had. I begged him to sell my PS1 instead) so I only got to lend Lylat (And MK 64. I never got DK 64 and I couldn't afford to get Paper. Which is why i'm praying for a PM release realllll soon. So that I can get Paper 2 and then SMP on the Wii. Anyway).

So my point is, that some people may have missed out on this. Yes there are some amazing games out there. But what's to say that they haven't beat em all already?

Plus Lylat is an amazing 4 player game. And what with the Wii having no multiplayer games of it's own other than Bowling, we have to rely on the VC for multiplayer.

MK 64 is awful with 4 people (what the hell did they do to it?). And Bomberman is getting stale what with only 3 different stages (meant to be 8, but 6 play the same).

So we need things like Lylat.

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