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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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BadSp00n commented on Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio:

What happened? Where is Lylat Wars?

When Ocarina of Time was released in Europe, America got it the next VC update... How come we ddidn't get Lylat Wars the next update after America? PATHETIC!

I don't care for any of those stone-age games... The only thing that catches my eyes with the VC feature, are the N64 games. I have really been looking up to Lylat Wars today. Oh damn. What do Nintendo get from all this? More money? No. Joy out of seeing Europeans whine in agony? Yes!! :D:D

Nintendo hates Europe. We must have done something wrong for not getting Lylat Wars this time.

The other games... I don't know much about them... Vectorman can go like a vector in a straight line to the recycle bin and hopefully be made into something more interesting.

Sonic Spinball - I remember this game. Fun for 1 hour, then it became boring. You invited a friend over to play the game, and another 1 hour of fun was added before it got boring once again.

The Story of Thor just doesn't catch any interest... It sounds like some kind of game for 2 year old kids. Do they learn you to mix colors and add numbers in the game? I might give this game a chance since I haven't heard a whole lot about it yet, but it just doesn't seem interseting at all...