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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Hendo commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th April - Actraiser:

FFS - guys give it a rest.
I've made a deal with Nintendo and we've agreed that they'll release Lylat Wars the moment you all stop bitching about it not being here.
So shut up and it will arrive.



Hendo commented on Opera Browser Available NOW:

It looks a hell of a lot more swish and professional than the trial version - which is to be expected I suppose.
No tab browsing though, which is a shame.



Hendo commented on Europe VC Releases - 23rd March - Zelda Link t...:

You don't think that Konami owns all the Turtles games and wants the old ones out at the same time to publicize the new Turtles games and film? Same goes for Castlevania. I've heard of naiveity before, but that's just plain dumb.



Hendo commented on Europe VC Releases - 9th March:

You guys would be pissed if all the good games came out first, and then you had all the poopy games. I believe they're trying to put out as complete a library as possible - that means good, bad and average.

Personally, I'm really happy with the way the games are released and we get some great gems! I've got 13 games now! That's 11,000 points all spent.