Ants Swarming Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you're looking to catch an ant or two in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to add to the list of bugs in your Critterpedia you're not going to find them as easily as other bugs on your not-so-deserted island. In fact, much like catching a fly, you'll need to attract the creepy crawlies with some bait. In this case, rotten turnips do the trick.

How to catch an ant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In order to catch an ant you'll need at least one turnip, specifically a week-old spoiled turnip. To buy turnips you'll have speak to the turnip seller Daisy Mae on a Sunday morning. She can be found roaming your island every Sunday between the hours of 5am and midday, so make sure you don't miss that window of opportunity (like we keep doing).

Turnips Daisy Mae Animal Crossing New Horizons

Turnips are sold in batches of 10 and that's the smallest number you can separate out into an individual item (highlight them in your inventory and select 'Grab 10'). There's no point wasting more if you bought loads and have stacked batches of 100.

Normally you'd want to sell your turnips to Timmy and Tommy within 7 days before they spoil, but to catch ants you'll need a spoiled turnips, so you'll need to wait 7 whole days for it to turn bad. We simply left our turnip(s) outside our house for the entire time.

Spoil faster, turnip...
Spoil faster, turnip...

After a week, once the turnip turns brown and bad, it will eventually attract the attention of ants who arrive in a line to devour the vegetable. Simply use your net to swipe at them and catch them like you would any other bug. Easy!

You can then pick up the spoiled turnip and throw it away (littering will have a detrimental effect on your island's star-rating, which you'll want to reach at least three stars to attract K.K. Slider for a concert), and donate the ant to Blathers in the Museum.

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