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Sun 27th Sep 2009

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LiekMudkipz commented on Pokemon Platinum:

I'm so angry I should've bought platinum not pearl, platinum sounds like more fun and more features for the same price as diamond and pearl. But I'd hate to buy this game because it'd be like replaying pearl. Ugh.



LiekMudkipz commented on Pokemon Link:

Sounds REALLY boring. Is it like a never ending game where pokemon faces fall and you arrange them? It'd be fun for like five minutes but after that....



LiekMudkipz commented on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl:

I really like this game and the fact that there is contest hall, but it feels to short. I had done the elite four in a week and now I moved on from the battle tower and It's boring now. I pretty much only get on it to check the swarms from the girls in sandgem and the guy who likes to see pokemon of certain levels. Im excited for heartgold/soulsilver but are they going to be the same? Their needs to be one big pokemon game My Pokemon Advneture With all regions and stuff.



LiekMudkipz commented on My Pokémon Ranch:

I'd like to try this game for myself after hearing all comments, but all it sounds like is like the pc on pokmeon pearl but with cute tricks and gainable pokemon. The Game would be cool if you could battle them against eachother but oh well... 10$ to gain mew and a few other pokes? I'm trying this once I get a wii.