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Mon 17th Jan 2011

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thegamer10 commented on My Pokémon Ranch:

What's the point of the game? I have seen YouTube videos of it and all i have seen is Mii's walking around and sitting next to pokemon. That sounds like a lode of fun NOT.



thegamer10 commented on Altered Beast:

What would i rather do? buy this for 1000 points or wait for 500 more and get Pokemon Rumble. I believe option 2 is better.



thegamer10 commented on Metal Slug 2:

Ok anyone looking for Metal Slug games i recommend buying a PS2 or PSP. The reason is that there is no reason to spend so much for 5 levels that last at least 30 mins (that goes for people that like me are not very good at dodging so many things at once). Its a great game and im not saying its bad but if you do get a PS2 or PSP just buy the anthology like other's have been saying.



thegamer10 commented on Review: Mario Kart 64 (Virtual Console / Ninte...:

When i got my wii and saw this on virtual console i wanted it a lot. Sure i had Mario Kart Wii but i wanted to try the classics. Now though im thinking that I shouldn't get it because it doesn't sound like it has a free racing mode. Thats something that I like a lot on any racing game. Seeing how it doesn't have this though it's still a good game just not the one im looking for.



thegamer10 commented on Review: Super Metroid (Virtual Console / Super...:

Ok this review defitnetly convinced me that its an awesome classic and I think Metroid is one of the best games out there. There is only one thing that worries me and thats the controls. I have played the demo on the SSBB when you unlock it but when i played on the gamecube controller i hardly was good at jumping. All i want to know is if there are control options and thanks to anyone that tells me.



thegamer10 commented on Pokémon Rumble:

I have watched tons of YouTube videos on it but I just can't decide to get it. It looks good and all but the $15.00 and all is a big pushover. Not to mention that it looks repetitive.