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That's right, the popular island action game that made its way to numerous game consoles throughout the years is now available on WiiWare. Enjoy it in a whole new light with innovative controls that only the Wii can offer!

It all started on a little island floating in the southern seas... Caveman Higgins was enjoying the island lifestyle there with his girlfriend Tina. But suddenly, the peaceful island was covered in King Quiller's mysterious shadow! Tina was consumed by the shadow right in front of Caveman Higgins, and the next instant, she vanished into thin air! Caveman Higgins couldn't believe his eyes, and was determined to do something about it! Help Caveman Higgins explore Adventure Island to save his beloved Tina!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Higgins is back after a 15-year break. Is he still the master?

As you might know, Adventure Island is a bit of an odd series. The main character Master Higgins is actually a real person, although he's only well known in Japan. Ask anybody there about Takahashi Meijin (Master Takahashi) though and they'll know him for...

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User Comments (38)



Bass_X0 said:

I was hoping it would get a better name. Adventure Island 5, New Adventure Island 2 or Super Adventure Island 3. Just to put in an existing Adventure Island series.



Dazza said:

I suspect the name isn't finalised yet, this was the same with Bomberman WiiWare which became Bomberman Blast.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Why are they bragging with that last sentence? I'd much rather it was retro-style, actually. Well, I'd rather they got around to releasing more of the series on VC already, too. I've never played any of the series, and am NOT very likely to start with this one regardless of graphic style.



lockelocke said:

I'm fine with it not being retro, but I don't know if a 3D free roaming style would fit the classic Adventure Island gameplay. Hopefully its something like LostWinds (3D styled side scroller) or Crash Bandicoot (following a track, but from a behind-the-player perspective)



CanisWolfred said:

They only dated it for Europe so far? Hope the NA release date is somewhere around that time.



Terra said:

It's good to finally see some concrete stuff about the new game. It's been too long since the last game. Graphics-wise, I'm glad they're using new ones and not retro ones as i think the whole Retro novelty is starting to get overused. I just wonder whether the graphics will be like the ones on the Gamecube remake. I'm glad that at least Hudson are trying to bring big series to WiiWare. It certainly gives it the attention it needs.

I was hoping it would get a better name. Adventure Island 5, New Adventure Island 2 or Super Adventure Island 3. Just to put in an existing Adventure Island series.
I don't think it'll be the final name either like Dazza said as it isn't a great name. As for naming it like you suggested above, if anything, i'd say that they'd start a new Adventure Island series with a new name as after such a long break in the series, gamers who are new to the series might get confused or something.



themortalangel said:

Just think if this does well and if sega were to take notes. We could see a new Wonder Boy or better yet a decent Sonic game.



Terra said:

I wasn't expecting this to be a prequel. I honestly thought it's be a Midquel (Don't ask why). The graphics are unusual and look quite good for WiiWare, although a bit dated i must admit.

I had a feeling we'd get upgraded sprites, so 3D models are a nice surprise. Minigames are a nice touch too, just as long as this doesn't end up getting too much focus on those over the main game.

It'll be nice when this gets released, as the series has been gone for far too long. I'll certainly DL it to try and convince Hudson to make more. Star Soldier didn't do too well, so let's hope this revival performs better.



lockelocke said:

Nice, I'm glad the game received a little touch-up without any major overhaul to the core of the game itself. Same basic game, new look, works for me.



Kirk said:

I don't really like the graphical style of the this one so it won't be for me.



famicom said:

@ Kirk:
You won't get it even it plays greater than any other game in the series?
Too much focus on the graphics, dude.

As for me, it's bubbling inside me.



Wiiloveit said:

Since Hudson have a knack for releasing games early, and Europe doesn't yet have a game scheduled for March, I'm expecting this a little early. Here's hoping!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

All this Balance Board support in their games lately better be an indication of support in the next Mario Party.



IAmNotWill said:

Judging from the above Link, the game will be 2 players, 1000 pts in JP, and will be available sometime around April (which is already old info.)



minimario_man said:

This is going to be so cool! I remember playing adventure island 2 on the gb. If this game is the same quality of ai2 im getting it!



Betagam7 said:

The levels look very similar to the Gamecube Adventure Island remake, is this very much different?



LGamer said:

Wow! And with WiFi Connection? I wonder how that supposed to be. A race who collect the most fruit or the first that reach the end?




Strangely I am in the minority that is not convinced yet. I can't put my finger on why. Will wait for the revw.



Pink_Rabbit said:

I actually enjoy this game.
I never played an adventure island game before.

It doesn't play as smooth as, let's say, a mario platform game. But it's decent. specially since it was only 1000 Npoints.

But I can't seem to beat the first boss... must be doing something wrong.



quakster said:

This is a really good game. I've never died to the first boss. The latter bosses and their one-hit kills, however.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

I'm so jealous of Europeans I loved Adventure Island...I wonder when the States are getting this title.



NintendoFreak said:

kinda like a tiki, jamican mario game...u got the princess, mario, bowser and the fairy resembles...Toad...i think...lol



jhuhn said:

North America gets their price in this game set at 800 points making the PAL regions more jealous.



Pj1 said:

This is what Sega should look at doing with Sonic and Nintendo with Mario and Zelda!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks good, I havn't played the original for ages. I'm not sure about this...

I'm Waiting for E3 there must big announcements from Nintendo.

Hay Bass XO are you on face book?



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

Picked this up today, along with Bubble Bobble Plus. I must admit, despite it's flaws, I am actually enjoying the game. Yes, it does feel a bit unpolished, but its an $8 game...what do you expect? Anyways, I was a huge fan of the original, so maybe thats why I am more forgiving, but I truly recommend this title to people looking for a fun little "adventure" game...no pun intended.




This game is not as good as I was hoping. I've never seen a game before in which your energy depletes for no apparent reason. Also, 800 points/$8.00 is overpriced, especially when you consider the fact that you can get a game like Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask for just 200 points/$2.00 more,

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