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Fri 30th Jan 2009

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matroos commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers (WiiWare):

Great review.

For the first time I did not wait for your review, bought directly when it was available. Totaly agree on the score and review.

Personally I like the multiplay most ...

The game has features of a full retail game ... 1000 points suits the quality of the game well! Specially coz you want to play this game more often if you like strategy games.



matroos commented on Review: Texas Hold'em Tournament (WiiWare):

Tnx for the solid review Sean!

My oppinion about the game:
I have played the game for about 5 hours in total and it is actually really something for me: a simple decent poker game to play on my Wii (therefore on the couch) against real life players due to the online play. Personally I don't like betting for real money, so this is a good alternative for me.

Few points of attention: as described by some commenters above; the server seems to have some problems getting 6 players together. This can become very annoying. Even in the first tournament there should be plenty of players available to fill a 6 person table. Sometimes I had to wait for 10 to 15 minutes just to get enough players. On 2 occasions there where 6 players, we got the announcement that the game would start but ... nothing! It just froze ...

One other thing is that the blinds are going up real fast. In normal Texas Hold'em you fold about 20% to 30% of your starting hands. Doing that here and the blinds might already get up to half your $5000 you start with. So sometimes you just have to play a game, where you in a normal game would have folded.

But uptill now, besides the connection bugs, it's pretty addictive game, specially after winning one of the higher stakes tournaments.

If you like the card game and don't want to bet for real money, 500 points is good value for money in my opinion. See you at the table?



matroos commented on Review: Jungle Speed (WiiWare):

Good review.

I keep it simple: my score is 8/10 due to addictiveness in multi player. If you like it now, you will like it next year



matroos commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

@FALK: Yup... for me it works great!!

And i agree on the teammates in story mode, specially the 3 options you can give them (help attack or defend your six or flanks! They really help out!



matroos commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

I agree 100% with the review ... it's great. I never played much FPS games, and with having a Wii, the choise of such game is not greatly available. Now with this game for just 1000 points you get a fun story mode (which I find already tough in easy mode, lol) and a great online mode where even an newbee to this genre like me can have loads of fun!

I even got a "cheap" gun like holder to fit my controller and nunchuck, which works actually great for this game!

I like it, specially given the size and price of the game!!

Tnx for the great review!