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Ninja Gaiden (VC Arcade / Virtual Console Arcade)

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Ninja Gaiden is a side scrolling game in which Ryu the ninja can run, jump, and slash his way through a multitude of action-packed stages. He can also attach to any vertical surface. Powerups are littered throughout the landscape that allow Ryu to toss fireballs and ninja stars, and perform other feats.

Ryu will battle through urban city settings, forests, jungles, snow covered castles, underground railroads, and ancient castles. A major feature in Ninja Gaiden are the cinematic scenes through which the storyline unfolds.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

The original, but possibly not the best.

Ninja Gaiden is a game best known to many as a series of action-platformers that started out on the NES and has continued into the present day on the current crop of HD systems as a 3rd-person action game. It's worth remembering that it started out as an...

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User Comments (16)



Metroid133 said:

More Ninja Gaiden?

I just booted up the first one on the VC yesterday to try to beat it...lets just say I ran into some issues in 6-2. As of now I am taking part in the war of ninja vs. birds.



blackknight77 said:

Glad to see this one coming to the North America. I don't think it is as good as the NES version though.



barneygumble said:

Very different to the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy ( NES/SFC ) looks more like Double Dragon. But I hope more Arcadeclassics are coming like this.



Villain said:

I like what I see! Worlds different from the NES one, but the gameplay seems stable enough to seem enjoyable. Side-scrolling beat 'em up indeed. But it looks fine to me.



StarBoy91 said:

How ironic: the artwork for the arcade game is the same as the NES boxart, considering they're not the same game, despite having the same name.



StarDust4Ever said:

I played this on my Atari Lynx back in the day. The level one in the video is almost exactly as I remembered it, in higher resolution and prettier graphics. Only difference I see is that I don't remember having to fight an extra three thugs when I got to the Sumo boss. Also, most of the cut scenes were absent.

That towering figure in screenshot #5 is the boss for the 2nd stage. It unveils three demonic monsters that always kicked the crap out of me, wasting my lives. I usually ran out of continues right around the railroad tracks part of stage 3. Those hockey mask thugs always ganged up on me at this point, most likely due to my poor strategy of advancing as far to the right as the game would let me. Instead of fighting the baddies one or two, possibly three at most, by the time the game halted my progress, I was taking on six or seven baddies at a time. I didn't think things through very well back when I was 14 years old, half the age I am today (28)

LOL on the infamous buzz-saw scene; I remember it well! By the way, do Arcade games give us unlimited "virtual quarters", or does Nintendo place artificial limits of credits/continues?



Cally said:

I remember the arcade game for this: he has a sword in the artwork, he has a sword in the start-up screen, but when you play, you almost never get to use a sword!!!!!!

I kind of like this game anyway, though. It's pretty funny, with a ninja just walking through the streets beating up gangsters.



Banana_Jane said:

Jeez these arcade selections are lame. They're all the same ones that were already available on compilation discs.
If they're still not getting the arcade version of BattleToads, they better stop calling it an arcade.



paburrows said:

You know I really don't get the dislike of this game. I used to play it in Middle School and so I decided to download it last night and its awesome! I made it to the third level already and I had the sword many times. With all respect, I'm wondering if those that didn't like it weren't used to playing a game of this type? I loved it. I already have this, Black Tyger and Shinobi and love them. I can't wait to get Ghost & Goblins and Bubble Bobble Plus.

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