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Bonk's Revenge (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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In this follow-up to Bonk's Adventure, Bonk must again battle King Drool and save the moon and Princess Za, but this time in a land infested with Chikkuns, the egg shell-helmeted enemies. The game featured brighter and more cartoony graphics and sound, more in line with the comic strip, and greatly influences later Bonk games.

Evil King Drool III, the grandson of King Drool, is out for Bonk! And he's building a Monster Kingdom that threatens to destroy the world. As Bonk the Caveman, you're out for revenge in this all-out head-banger of a follow-up to the original Bonk. Konock yourself out with all-new characters, bonus stages, power-up items and an array of enemies that may look "friendly," but certainly don't act like it!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

I love a good bonk!

Hudson struck gold with Bonk's Adventure, following its success a sequel was inevitable and we couldn't have asked for a much better follow-up than this. Improving on numerous facets of the original, Bonk's Revenge boasts better graphics and sound and...

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Gerald said:

Hmm,don't know if I'll get this one as Bonk 1 was enough Bonk for me.But maybe I'll try it



TheNintendoBoy said:

I really disagree about the graphics, it's not much better than late NES quality. Everything is well drawn and fits together, but there's a significant lack of shading, making everything look really flat, and the color choices are pretty bad (maybe it's just the hardware).

Anyway, it's a fun, crazy game that is much better than the prequel imo.



Sebastian said:

This is a great game, it does take about 5 minutes to get used to, but that's only because I never played the first one. It does have some comical points to it. If you want a funny game with a lot of replay value, this is definitely a good game for you.



Tennant said:

Dead cute, and a great little platformer to boot. Get this before the first game, definitely.

__fire deity


fire deity said:

Definately buying this, im getting 4000 points todat but saving them. I still got loads of vc games to complete, including bonks adventure.



NintendoFan1985 said:

While not as great as "Bonk III" or "Super Bonk", it is still a fun little platformer that far exceeds the original, "Bonk's Adventure". Worth checking out!



beefy said:

i just bought this game and i dont know.it dosent really have a plot and something about the game makes it a little shallow. it isnt horrible; but not a recommended download.



beefy said:

nevermind i really did have to give it a chance. there isnt enough shading though.



Mad_Bomber said:

This is the first TurboGrafx-16 game I downloaded. (The only one so far, actually). I always wanted to see what I might have been missing out on back in the day. I’d say Bonk's Revenge is a fairly above-average platformer. It's pretty challenging and fun for the most part. Graphics aren't anything mind-blowing but they do hold up ok (not nearly on par with most Super-Nes and Genesis games, though). The music and sound is mostly god-awful, though. I nearly had a brain hemorrhage during the first few levels. Were they trying to give kids migraines?



Nigel said:

Fun! I remember when the TG16 came out and I played a demo of this game at Radio Shack. I could only afford one (usually used) console with my paper route money, though, and Nintendo won every time! The VC blows my mind with all these old games I wanted to play but never had the chance.



Manicfatty said:

What I said about the first Bonk remains true, and with tighter controls, and more variety...well...yea!!!! Into the game cave I go, to shun the light of day for a few hours!



Gonz said:

This game easily has one of the top 50 boss themes.

duh duh-duh DUH-DUH DUH-DUH



G-MAN said:

This is a good game but it is a lot harder than bonk 1 and 3. You only get 3 continues and if don't get many bonuses you're going to use them right away. This game is good but i would suggest bonk 3 even though it is the easiest of the 3 is a great game with new power ups, and you can play 2 player co-op.



Virus said:

I got this little gem this dark week on the Wii Shop Channel. It's a pretty darn good platformer. It may not be as epic as Mario and Sonic, but it has its own unique variety and challenge. It's not too long, but it carries some replay value and you're definitely not going to blow right through it the first time (unless you're crazy). It's a good game; it's no surprise it was TurboGrafx's major mascot.

Yeah, I totally remember that music from your description...



CanisWolfred said:

They really need a Turbografix-16 Collection, as there are too many good games for me to get! If I have some time I'll try it, but right now, I'm swamped.



Corbs said:

@ Cheez - Are you blind? Those are Bonk's Revenge screenshots.



Ricardo91 said:

@Corbie. They are NOW, yeah.

I liked Bonk's Adventure, but it was too short and the levels were a bit bland. I gave it a 4/5. But Revenge blows it out of the water. It's prettier, the levels are more exciting and have more variety, and it's a bit more challenging. I'm still trying to get through expert mode. Now I just wish that Bonk could move faster and crouch. 5/5

P.S. I also love how Bonk's strongest form has a butt-shaped head! Ha!



Cally said:

I thought the first Bonk was solid, good fun, but kind of bizarre and unremarkable--not exactly a console mascot to brag about in the face of Sonic or Mario.

But Bonk 2! Totally a classic platformer. Some serious creativity and passion managed to come out in a sequel that makes the original a shadow by comparison. I actually don't think it compares badly with, say, the Genesis Sonic games. 5/5



AgentSpalko said:

I also think Bonk one (Or as I am used to the franchise, PC KID - I had the PC Engine inported in the early 90s) was a great game, and PC Kid 2 is also a great game. I don't agree with comments about the colours seeming flat especially...it is a flat game, it isn't 3D...and the colours are actually very rich.

I prefer Bonk 1 and 2, to 3, if I recall correctly, but I never had as much play time with the 3rd. I guess time will tell when I get to play it again.



OoT_For_Life said:

should i get this one or start with the first? this one sounds better, but I'm just not sure. I've never played any of these, but I love these old style platformers.



Twilight_Crow said:

Start with this one, is faster, and has better controls in my opinion.

I really like this game, it's not the best old platformer, but it's charming, colorful and full of secrets, 4/5.



Goomba2996 said:

The best bonk game if your wondering on which one to buy first adventure or revenge get revenge.5/5.P.S you wont be sorry you downloaded this, best 600 wii points you will ever spend.

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