Bonk's Revenge Review - Screenshot 1 of 1

Hudson struck gold with Bonk's Adventure, following its success a sequel was inevitable and we couldn't have asked for a much better follow-up than this. In addition to the usual headbutting caveman antics our hero can now swim up waterfalls (?!!) and swing around on poles. 

To vary things a little from the former game the levels tend to scroll vertically as much as they do horizontally. This adds to the variety of the game and is a welcome change in pace. 

Bonk also moves beyond the prehistoric setting to also embrace a more medieval vibe with castles and knights, there are some snowy levels too. Lots of variety so things don't get dull too quickly. 

As with the original game the graphics are colourful and detailed. The Megadrive and the SNES didn't have much better looking platformers than this! 


There's not much more to say really. If you liked the original you will like this. It really is more of the same but improved. The levels are slightly harder and longer. The gameplay is just as much fun and the controls feel a bit smoother in this update. There is a third Bonk game to come on the TurboGrafx. We can't help thinking the series reached its peak with this game however. They are all classics but this one seems to strike the balance perfectly.