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With sharpened blades and a lethal stick, you slash into a rink surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. It's time for full-speed, high-contact hockey, the kind of bone-jarring action played by the pros. The puck is dropped, you take control, centre it and... Whoa! Your opponent viciously checks you from behind, making an incredible steal. You charge after him, crushing him against the boards. Suddenly tempers flare, off come the gloves, and you're swinging fists like a prize fighter! What action! This hard-hitting NES classic also features simultaneous play for two players - and you can even play goalie in the slap-shooting penalty scenes!

So strap on your Blades of Steel - and imagine those immortal words: "He shoots, he scores!"

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

With sharpened blades and a lethal stick, you slash into a rink surrounded by thousands of screaming fans.

Blades of Steel, much like one of Konami's other NES sports games, Double Dribble, was loved all over the world back in the day. Double Dribble didn't hold up that well, so you may wonder how its ice hockey has fared. Actually, it has aged remarkably...

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Our pals at Nintendo haven't exactly pushed the boat out this week with festive spirit sadly. Still it could be worse! We finally have Blades of Steel on the NES, even before North America! For those not in the know this is one of the best, if not THE best ice hockey game from the 8-bit era. Very often NES games feel tired with age but the gameplay is still as much fun as ever with this one!


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User Comments (31)



deggs said:

the best nes hockey game at the time... still, stanley cup for snes was likely the best hockey game i ever played but before that, there was this and my friends and i played it much too much considering how simple the thing is... i guess it could still be playable today...



Tim said:

I hope this game comes to the North American virtual console before christmas. This is easily the best hockey game available on the nes. The single player game probably won't hold up in this day of age but the multi-player is where all the fun is.



Eclipse_Dj said:

"Bladeshh of shhteel" kerching! ...what an opening title, loved this game back in the day. My first experience of Ice Hockey and I loved it, had endless games against my Bro, great memories!



BigKing said:

Blades of Steel is an amazing even, even if you aren't into ice hockey at all (like me). Especially the fights were pretty cool, just keep bumping against an opponent and you'll trigger the fighting mode with close ups of the hockey player.

It was also one of the few NES games with digitalized voices. Which was quite nice at the time.



koolkitties said:

I hope this comes out here in the states....however...I dunno if I agree with your comment about Ice Hockey.



Scizzoman said:

I've never played this game before, but downloaded it just to see why it was so popular. It's crazy addictive. I spent hours playing multiplayer, and the single player isn't bad either. Very frantic and fun game, and I can play as Vancouver =D



DEMON212 said:

I'm sorry, but if Ice Hockey gets a 4, then this game EASILY deserves an 8. Because it's easily twice as good. It blows it away in every aspect.



The_shoemaker said:

Hmm does it really? oh well hockey doesn't interest me too much (and I'm Canadian!) My points I'm getting tomorrow are being spent else where



ChocoDK said:

I just tried out this game today since someone at school said he used to play it. And wow am I shocked I am no fan of sports games but this game is so much fun. And it aged extremely well that the graphics look good for the NES days. This game is way better then Nintendo's Ice Hockey and is just so much fun!



Matt_Thorndark said:

This was one of my favorites growing up. It was really amazing and pretty easy, even for someone like me--I stink at sports games. I'd download it if I didn't still own the cartridge.



waldojeffershead said:

I purchased this game, unfortunately I cannot rate it until I have given it a far shake with multiple players. single player isn't anything to write home about, but based on the appearance of the game I can see a multi-player being a lot of fun. I also feel I should purchase the classic Nintendo ICE Hockey to compare, I remember playing that game as a child. It's no NHL 2004 for the PS2, but rather an enjoyable video form of my favorite sport. The only thing wrong with this game is the lack of the Boston Bruins!




David77 said:

I prefer the chaotic gameplay of Ice Hockey, but I have good memories of both.



LordJamak said:

This was the first hockey game I had aside from Ice Hockey for the Atari 2600. Gotta love the simplicity and excitement of the action. Defense involves running into the other team. The goalie automatically knocks down anyone who hits him. AND THE LOSER OF A FIGHT GETS A PENALTY!!!! Ahhhh memories... "Hit the pass!" (or whatever it says)




I love how they left in the in-game advertising for Contra and Jackal in this version. This was a great buy.



Corbs said:

A good enough hockey game, but I never really got into it the way some of my friends did. Maybe that's because I'm not much of a hockey fan.



Ferret75 said:

Best sports title ever.

Now if only Contra and Jackal came out on the VC, then the ads would make me want them. =P
I love the demo of Gradius though. =D



Travenous said:

Hell yeah, Pepe!!

Hit the pass!! Hit the pass!! Hit the-hit the-hit the pass!!!I still think the NHL should take the rule from this game - the loser of a fight gets the penalty only lol!



nothankyou said:

This Game Is great, especially in multiplayer.
I love playing this with my dad just to wipe his smile of his face in a shootout.

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