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Take on the role of either Roddy or Cathy, bounty hunters in this side-scrolling action game set far in the future when humans have colonized space. But all is not well: Space pirates called the Klaptons are making their way through the galaxies, wiping out peaceful settlements along their path. This disgraceful behavior leads to them having a price on their heads, so now Roddy and Cathy must travel through four distinct worlds on a mission to defeat their leader, Captain Klapton.

Both characters have retractable arms-used to grab enemies or other objects in the scenery-that can then be thrown at others to destroy them. Also, be on the lookout for rings or levers to pull, as this might reveal special bonuses. Further adding to the mix, the game uses a unique system where the action happens on two planes, with the player switching between them at will. Can you prove yourself worthy of the Top Hunter name and help save the universe?

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Take on the role of either Roddy or Cathy, bounty hunters in this side-scrolling action game set far in the future when humans have colonized space.

I'm sure many have played at least one game in SNK's awesome shoot 'em up franchise, Metal Slug. But did you know that SNK also created a game that's similar, yet at the same time quite different? They did, and it's named Top Hunter.You play as the...

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Hilanderous said:

I loved this game as a kid! While there are a few guns that can be picked up, it is more a beat 'em up. What's fun is that you can pick up and throw almost everything and a the characters have a broad move list which include an Haduken like move. The difficulty is toned down from that of Metal Slug, but the boss fights can get pretty intense. All and all a fun game that is a blast with two players!



Dahak said:

Very cool game, a Neo-Geo game that non-fans would probably like. As mentioned, great graphics (on par with Metal Slug) and a bizarre soundtrack that almost sounds like Gentle Giant.



dcast1 said:

Really fun game. It's not as easy as Metal Slug. If it is a breeze to play though just adjust difficulty settings. Warning this game is addictive !



butanebob said:

sigh I really miss my MVS cabinet, i have this but it's stuck back at my parents house. Awesome little game!



Nigel said:

This is a cool game. I've only played it solo, but I'm assuming it's a blast with someone to play with. There aren't enough 2-player-simultaneous games out there on the VC.




Villain said:

SWEET arcade action that comes highly recommended. One of the few "plane-switching" action games (a la Fatal Fury) that actually works. It's not very similar to Metal Slug gameplay-wise, but the graphics and comedy is the same. Some of the 2D backgrounds is completely stunning! Beautiful 2D, although with not as much animations as in Metal Slug. But you must remember, this was a fairly early Neo Geo game. Heck, KOF94 was released back in those days!

The co-op works real nice. If you want, you can work your way forward, one in the foreground and the other in the backgrounds.



Manicfatty said:

I loved this game on the NG CDZ, and it was in my regular play rotation when friends would come over. I was so stoked to see it on the VC so early. And then I tried to play it. I was wondering if anyone else had any trouble playing it on an HD LCD TV. The game is squashed, flickers and is broken. It's unplayable. I haven't hooked my Wii up to my ED TV yet, buit this sucks. Any clues? It's the only VC game that does this, including other Neo Geo games.



ToneDeath said:

I haven't been too keen on this so far. The controls somehow don't feel as responsive as Metal Slug or Mario, the music is annoying and although the graphics are well drawn, the character designs are instantly forgettable. I just feel that what seem to be the two main gameplay elements, platforming and brawling are weak, and when mixed together still don't make a satisfying experience.



Tannman42 said:

A decent game but for Co-op fun I would rather play Streets Of Rage 2.I'd give it 3 stars.



Maxime_St_Rasse said:

yeah this games fun if youre playin with a friend.. it can get old fast just by yourself... its sorta stretch armstrong meets metal slug... though metal slug and stretch armstrong are much cooler



slangman said:

I am really considering getting this. Looks great but can anybody recommend getting this in single player and does the action get dull in places? Although the review says the music is nothing special i think it's quite catchy in that video.



bioniccheese said:

wow! this seems like a less frantic but very unique take on the metal slug series.just look at those street fighter esque moves! never heard of it till now, got to try it.

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