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Released in 1990 and regarded as one of the NEOGEO's earliest signature games, this side-scrolling platformer mixes action with the mystical world of fantasy. A magician named Elta, last descendant of the famed Magician Lord, takes on an epic adventure to save the world from the evil Gul-Agieze.

Elta must battle through eight stages, collecting the eight tomes of power that are key to defeating Gul-Agieze and his evil plans. By obtaining orbs in one of three colors (elements) that appear during the game, Elta's offensive powers and jumping abilities can be strengthened. The effect varies considerably depending on the combination of elements, though, and Elta can transform into six different forms: Waterman, Dragon Warrior, Shinobi, Samurai, Raijin or Poseidon. Can you help Elta to become the new Magician Lord?

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Elta must battle through eight stages, collecting the eight tomes of power that are key to defeating Gul-Agieze and his evil plans.

One of the first games produced for SNK’s arcade system, Magician Lord is a lot like Capcom’s Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. You play the titular wizard as he battles to defend his homeland from the evil advances of the absurdly named Gul-Agieze.Considering...

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User Comments (32)



KeeperBvK said:

The Neo Geo didn't have much competition for this, but even if it had, Magician Lord would still be a great game.



alvieao said:

I can't believe SNK Playmore replaced Magician Lord with Art of Fighting for the North America region of Neo-Geo VC...



retro_gammer79 said:

I hope that you can save your game each time you finish a level. Does any one know if they will keep this feature in? The reason I ask is on the Neo Geo AES and CD you were able to save this to a memory card.



lavkian said:

Seeing as how you've always been able to quicksave whenever you want on the VC, that shouldn't be a problem.



Bazoon said:

Tried this game for a few minutes, the cursed black boarders are there! but the interesting question, the games run in OPTIMIZED 50Hz or UNOPTIMIZED 50hz?

Can't understand why nintendo keeps giving us PAL users the stupid 50Hz, if they brought us 60Hz versions of SMB2 and S&P(well, because they were japaneese, hehe), I am sure that it won't be THAT much problem converting some games to 60Hz, no?



Starwolf_UK said:

"Seeing as how you've always been able to quicksave whenever you want on the VC, that shouldn't be a problem."
Not for N64 and (last I heared) Neo-Geo titles. Which this is.



Adamant said:

Not sure about all Neo Geo titles, but I can vouch for Fatal Fury not having quicksave (which sucks, because it's limited credits actually makes going for the high score rather fun, and now the hi score list is nuked every time you exit the game).

Magician Lord is a fine game, well worth a download.



Iggy said:

The title screen of Magician Lord does say something about "memory save" on it, if you look at it. Anyway, fun game...always wanted to play this but never did.



Mirokunite said:

I remember watching this game on Nick Arcade back in the early 90's. Man, those where the days... I so wanted to play this game back then.

I think I will pick it up.

__Leon Ahoy!


Leon Ahoy! said:

The game that "Shadow Of The Beast" could have been. The visuals are similar, the sound is also inspiring, but when it comes to the vital gameplay component, Japanese design once again triumphs.

Magician Lord is full of magical colour, rousing sound, and gripping gameplay. On the surface a simple run&kill action title- it's the passion and skill of the designers that shines through- and makes this one of the best examples of its genre.

A game that takes good advantage of the power of the Neo Geo, and delivers a must-have experience for fans of action titles.



retro_gammer79 said:

This game rocks as it it challenging as well as fun. Here is how to save your current game as I had to read the manual as it is not straight froward.

1. At the game over screen let it count down or just press B on the wii remote.

2. Bress B to save your game and ignore the memory card is inserted as this was build into the game from back into the day so in the arcade you wouldn't format your game card.

3. That's it next time you load the game it will ask you if resume from save. You can only have one game save at a time.



Himzka said:

Is anyone having problems with this title? When I start it up I only get sound, no video... If I hit the home key, I can see the screen on the background, but the moment I go back to the game it goes black again. I already deleted it and re-downloaded it and its a no go. Anyone knows whats up? (no other game does this, only ML). Thanks in advance!



Drake said:

Might be a cable issue - Are you using Wii Component Cables or not? I think the Wii or Nintendo site might have a solution.



Himzka said:

found it. I was not aware of the PAL + component cable issue. Thanks for the help =)



morphballer said:

I'm having problems but it has more to do with the difficulty. I can't beat the "Beautiful Assassin" boss(es) without dying. There are three targets: the boss and two female warriors.




Drake said:

As soon as they appear stand in the middle and fire at the right one like mad. Then walk right and fire at the remaining one like mad. Dodge some of the shots (From the shielded woman) while firing at her and she should go down too. Then fire at the shielded woman (Every 4 hits she drops the shield for a second or so, hit her then and keep shooting till it goes back up).



Adamant said:

I'm having trouble beating the black knight boss (7th miniboss) when you meet him again on the final stage. He fell easily the first time I fought him, since I had the shinobi form, and thus more HP, and could simply stand there shooting until he died, but I can't beat him as the magician. Any hints?



Manicfatty said:

This is one of those games that I remembered fondly and looked forward to, only to realize that I was seeing it through a cloud of nostalgia. It's not a bad game, it's just nowhere as good as I remember. It was fun for a while, and it was certainly cool having friends play that had never experienced (or heard of) it before. In fact, they seemed to get more out of playing it than I did. I guess it's the mysterious 'cool factor' of playing a game released so long ago on a system most couldn't afford.



GEOFF said:

This game is criminally difficult ! The arcade must of been designed to steal your coins.I'm on level 6 and I must of continued a hundred times.When you get hit you don't become invincible for a couple of seconds like in fair games,so you find yourself getting hit 2 or more times in a row very often.If your a modern soft gamer ,or become one like me thanks to todays easy games your going to struggle.



slangman said:

This is a really cool game. Not only is the gameplay with transforming into other forms like a dragon great and with a challenging difficulty that makes the game more worthwhile, but this also has a great soundtrack for each of the levels. Highly Recomended



evilralfwiggum said:

I've played through this game on the SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 twice so far...i'm now going through it on hard. Awesome Game, I love the music! haha..tough the first time though..



Adamant said:

I really couldn't stand the version included on the SNK Arcade Classics collection. The infinite lives and direct respawning where you died, damage inflicted still remaining and all, just ruins the fun of developing strategies to make it through the levels. It's like playing in an infinte cheat mode.

I really love the console/VC version of the game, but I'm really glad I downloaded it when it was released - had I first played it on the collection, I'd have considered it pure trash.



The_Fox said:

I loved this game back in the day. It is tough (cheap even in certain spots) but still good. Also, the music in the game is excellent.



Cally said:

Great game. It should have gotten at least an "8" IMO. I'm up to the fourth stage.

Excellent fun with mid-air physics, dodging those slow-moving bullets and such (kind of reminds me of Mega Man in this respect). The power-ups are fun to get also. I love how you can pour in attacks and it really feels like your own effort goes into pretty much everything in this--methodical pacing. The level layout is kind of funky but it's also great fun to explore, semi-linear stages. This one is a MUST-HAVE.



WonderboY101 said:

I'm new to posting on Nintendo Life, but I can't understand what some people see in this game. I own on it on the 'SNK Arcade Classics Volume1' collection, not the VC, so maybe I'm missing something. It seems a very poor platform & ladders game to me. Admittely, I haven't got very far because it's so tedious and annoying trying to avoid some of the seemingly unavoidable projectiles. I'm sticking with the Ghouls 'N Ghost games on the VC and not downloading this. Even G&G is fairer than this game.



Adamant said:

@WonderboY101: "I own on it on the 'SNK Arcade Classics Volume1' collection, not the VC, so maybe I'm missing something."

Yes. Definitely. I wouldn't have liked it had I first played it there and got the wrong impression, either. Believe me, the VC version is a zillion times better.

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