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Discover a colorful universe where playing is always a pleasure with Pop Island for Nintendo DSi!

Colourful and quirky, Pop Island is an all-action capture the flag game where you pick which team to compete on before running, jumping and spinning your way around the island in an attempt to collect the priceless flags hidden throughout it.

Become a surfing penguin, a flying fish or a waterskiing crocodile as you go all out for victory – unlocking 12 more zany animals as you rack up points across eight different planets. You might even end up competing as a skateboarding mammoth!

Playing alone is plenty of fun, but the madcap action reaches a new level when your friends get involved. By sharing the demo of the game via DS Download Play, up to seven more people can join you for some head-to-head or cooperative action. With plenty of power-ups to grab during the fast paced gameplay, you’ll need to concentrate on capturing more than just the rival team’s flag to claim victory.

Take a trip to the fast and furious world of Pop Island, where every competition is downright crazy!

  • Compete to capture the flag in a colourful game world full of zany characters
  • Play against up to seven other players via DS Download Play
  • Unlock new characters and worlds as you progress and rack up points

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Capture the flag, animal style!

When it comes to the DSiWare service, we've seen quite a range of software released so far. Some has taken the "less is more" approach and used very simple ideas to create a gaming experience, and others have gone for a slightly more ambitious...

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User Comments (44)



Percentful said:

This looks fun! I love the graphic design, it reminds me a little of the original DS spore! I want to buy this game!



angel_hm said:

wow i can wait i need the game plz nintendo release release RELEASE¡¡¡ its a awesome game i pay 500 points for this game WOW AMAZING game 5 stars¡¡



Starkiller said:

Reminds me of Capture the Flag from Tribes 2... I couldn't possibly enjoy this game while thinking of that.



Co1onel said:

@Skrubber, I got this game and yes, download play works with the phat and lite too.

Great game, extremely addicting. Just seems like it's missing something for 5 bucks. Some WiFi play would've been really nice. The graphics and game play all is really good though.



Kreegs07 said:

I got this game 20 minutes ago and it is great! This should be a must download just for the multiplayer. Single player is still REALLY fun! No reason not to own this unique and amazing game-especially for only 500 points!!!!



KanrakusPizza said:

Theres one thing I gotta say about this game....




Dsiwarehunter said:

This game is awesome! My only complaint is that I;m afraid I'm gonna get arthritis from playing this game too much. A must get!



ninji said:

bought this game since dec, its AWESOME. It's still is!!
Anyone tried the Insane play? my DSi just flew out of my hand once...my fingers just rejected it, haha.



AnimeGirl007 said:

Great sounds, great gameplay, great graphics, AWESOME GAME!!!
Definitely recommend this game!!!



ShadowDX1 said:

I got this game and after i beat the game it just restarts me the next day from the beginning. It mostly happens after i get a new game or delete one...Why does dis happen and what shud i do



ShadowDX1 said:

I got this game and after i beat the game it just restarts me the next day from the beginning. It mostly happens after i get a new game or delete one...Why does dis happen and what shud i do



smiley531 said:

i can't beleive it,i accidently baught the 200 point one LOL(i might have spelled accidently wrong :^ <---
(look sideways,it's a bird LOL)

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