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United States

Tue 8th Dec 2009

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Co1onel commented on AiRace:

Looks like it will be really fun. AiRace Tunnel is extremely fun.



Co1onel commented on AiRace: Tunnel:

@piguy101, I got it and it has 6 levels, and one is an endless level.

The game is actually really fun. Extremely addictive and takes awhile to beat. I'd say it's totally worth it for only 2 bucks.



Co1onel commented on Pop Island:

@Skrubber, I got this game and yes, download play works with the phat and lite too.

Great game, extremely addicting. Just seems like it's missing something for 5 bucks. Some WiFi play would've been really nice. The graphics and game play all is really good though.