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As the ‘80s were drawing to a close, the developers at Capcom began work on a top secret project that aimed to set new standards for the platformer genre.

That game was called “Dark Rift”, and it blended the intense shooting action of Section Z™ with the latest innovations in platform jumping from Mega Man. In order to properly fulfill the producer’s vision for Dark Rift (later renamed Dark Void), the hardware engineering team at Capcom was enlisted to design and produce an all-new chipset that would be included in every cartridge, enabling huge numbers of sprites and never-before-seen special effects to be displayed on the aging NES® platform and the PlayChoice-10 NES arcade cabinet.

Alas, time waits for no man and game developers are no exception. The dawn of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System® made the additional hardware requirements for Dark Void redundant. Capcom suspended development on Dark Void as it began to evaluate the SNES. Before long, the game was shelved and drifted into the annals of gaming history. Even the internal tape-based archives were lost due to an unfortunate magnet incident which even today is best left un-discussed. Dark Void became a legendary “lost project” at Capcom…until now.

Nearly twenty years later the next gen version of the game, Dark Void, is back on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC! But to commemorate the game’s humble origins, Capcom has commissioned this recreation of the original 8-bit classic, now re-titled “Dark Void Zero,” on the DSi platform. You play Rusty, the first human born in the Void, who must take on the Watchers in a quest to stop their domination of Earth. With the aid of Nikola Tesla, and his state-of-the-art rocket pack, Rusty must take down the Watchers and their minions across three intense levels of action and intrigue.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

More 8-bit retro goodness

We've already seen Capcom enjoy success on WiiWare with their retro-infused Mega Man 9 release. Now it seems they're trying to show DSiWare the same retro love with Dark Void Zero. Of course now the question is, does the game live up to the lofty...

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User Comments (26)



pixelman said:

Dammit, why does it have to be on DSiWare? Stop giving me reasons to buy a DSi!



KeeperBvK said:

Never knew about the old Dark Void...looks nice though and foremost sounds fantastic.



20thPaul said:

Then buy a DSi!!!!!!!
Seriously, I bought my dsi last June (after Nintendo announced mario vs. dk 3 and I found out that it wasn't just another demo but an all new game) and honestly I wasn't very satisfied with the service at all... one game a week and mostly shovelware... but now with games like Shantae sequels and Dark Void Zero, what more reason do you need to buy a DSi?!?!?!?!



20thPaul said:

I just read that this game is announced as a January release... I suppose we can expect this game to come around March then lol!



jhuhn said:

I heard that the release date in North America is January 18, 2010.



Xkhaoz said:

I bet this will come out on Monday. It's just a day before Dark Void.



vcmacleod said:

tempting, but it says 3 levels. are they long levels? really hope to see a review soon.



ninji said:

i loooooove how you have to blow the dust off the cartridge...very nostalgic



rodoubleb said:

Jimmy Fallon is featured in this game because he won some contest as a kid. How bizarre.



sonic_brawler95 said:

This is perhaps the best DSiware game to date!
Has anyone else noticed how some screenshots feature the player wearing brown pants, when in the game he actually wears blue pants......weird.



3230ru said:

how nice that CAPCOM started to clean their basement or whatever. who knows what else could they found there... maybe another 8-bit variation of their recent HD release



LordWotton said:

Downloaded it today. I love its vintage looks, sound and game experience.
A must have for the nostalgic!



deadly_by_design said:

This just released on the PC over Steam. Trouble is, they felt the need to include SecuROM and a 5-machine activation limit on a $5 game.

What is Capcom smoking?



nojay said:

on the dsi there are 3 levels. (ALL VERY HARD)
But I kept trying and I finished it!
the last boss starts like level ones boss then he gets a giant laser canon and try's to hit you and then he flies out of his ship and turns into a HUGE
I recommend having the gun that shots the purple orbs...

...Or you could DIE!!!



AnimeGirl007 said:

I love this game!!! The sweet taste of retro goodness. So far, I'm on the last level for once.



FinalFantisiac said:

The "cover" (shown above) of this game shows nothing from the actual game whatsoever. Even Rusty's gun is incorrect.



Cats said:

@25 - They gave the box art the Megaman treatment. Brings back memories.

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