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Impossible Mission II (C64 / Commodore 64)

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Impossible Mission II is a direct sequel to Epyx's 1984 game Impossible Mission. The game follows directly from the same plot, with Elvin Atombender seeking revenge, and the player having to stop him. The overall game structure and basic gameplay is mostly similar, but there are a few differences and new features.

The game takes place in Elvin's fortress, which consists of nine towers. Each of the eight outer towers has a specific theme, such as computers, automobiles, furniture and so on. Each tower consists of several rooms connected by two vertical corridors with elevators and two horizontal corridors leading to other towers. This time, the corridors leading between different towers are locked, and can only be unlocked by figuring out a numerical puzzle.

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Posted by Kelvin Green

Elvin Atombender is up to his old tricks again!

As soon as Impossible Mission II loads up, the improvements are immediate and obvious. The producers clearly went to work on almost every aspect of the original game, polishing, adding and fixing until this sequel was the result.There are no great changes...

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User Comments (22)



Modern_Legend said:

never tried it but the graphics look bland, so if this is a fave of the C64 i hope someone can explain why (the gameplay doesn't look too great either compared to some other games)



Terra said:

I Heard that all regions would get there own exclusive consoles at some point and then later on, those titles would be released at another point. I mean, Europe have got C64 and Japan have MSX, so by my calculations, America will get the Vectrex, the Atari 2600 or Pong

Expect the Saturn at some point though, i am. It seems like a perfect VC fit

Sticking to the subject, i'm looking forward to this game. I enjoyed the first one loads, so this will be worth a download for sure



blackknight77 said:

@ Terranigma
If the US gets an exclusive console, then I must vote for the 32x

I can't see paying 500 points for Atari 2600 games, but I am sure Nintendo could



CanisWolfred said:


My votes for the Sega CD, at least it had more than 2 great games on it. I would've said saturn, but that would've been both Unfair, and unlikely, since it saw more support in Japan than the US. I goota say though, most Atari games haven't aged well over the years, and aside from maybe one game, I don't think I'd buy anything from it's library.

Too bad there are any exclusives at all, since it would be nice if all regions got the MSX and the C64( especially the C64).

Edit: Did I mention how awesome this game looks?



Mayhem said:

Even though it isn't quite as good as the original IM, it is still a damn fine game and keeps you on your toes with new strategies to figure out.



Kurachi said:

old school game, lol, i played it a lot, but guess was too young, or too slow, for this, so didnt play it much, but its funny (especially now that i grew up and have internet, so i can check how the game works)
it was my father's favorite game, and before i found this site and VC itself, we talked about it alot, now he's surprised that its back on console from these times
i think last time i played this one, was on snes cartridge, again a .... in 1 or it looked like this one
nice to see it back



Betagam7 said:

Nice graphical improvements but won't be downloading as I could never beat the original (which I already downloaded).
Great to see the C64 so well supported though



Mr_64 said:

The prevailing memory I have of this game is the brilliant sampled scream when you die (something I did rather a lot in this game). As with it's precursor, this game is ludicrously hard. I was never a huge fan of the Mission Impossible games, but it's good to see such a seminal title being given a new lease of life.



slangman said:

Sounds very decent but sadly i will have to pass with this since I found the original too hard. Then again puzzles arn't my cup of tea.



Mayhem said:

@Betagam7 - it's a touch easier to beat than the original because you don't need to search everything or beat every room, you just need the codes to exit each tower and get the music from the safe.



MaxPlastic said:

I have no idea what's going on lol
lol If they made the Vectrex an NA VC exclusive, do you think they'd have the option to play with and/or without the color overlays?
... Man the Vectrex would be lame compared to the MSX and C64...
I vote NA get Apple ][ or Macintosh games!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I vote no exclusives at all, it´s just stupid to give different games to different regions. I´m so envious about the MSX! I enjoy Impossible Mission, so I´ll try the sequel some day.



Captain_Konami said:

Something that just occurred to me while watching the video for IM2, assuming this is far enough back this seems like it might have been starting point for great action puzzle games that followed like Out of This World or Flashback: Quest for Identity.



Jolted85 said:

The game reminds me of Flashback for the Genesis, I guess it's another Prince of Persia game, looks fun.



Adamant said:

Karateka was the first game to use these kinds of realistic animations and physics, I believe.



Captain_Konami said:

But, were there any prior to this that combined the life like movement and physics with an interactive puzzle solving environment? I can't think of any that predate Impossible Mission. EPYX was almost always right on the edge of gaming for the C64. A lot of high quality offerings, as I recall. Good times.



Kurachi said:

what i said about my father like this, it wasnt this one, it was IM 1, not 2
maybe i buy this after i completed IM 1, which i dont have yet, its on a list, but will get for sure



SKTTR said:

I have completed Impossible Mission 1, an awesome game for 1984!!
It felt like a 1990ies game. I'm thinking about downloading IM2.



Travenous said:

I hope this gets released over here.

Another visitor...stay awhile...stay forever!!!

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