Topic: Which character would you like to see in the next Super Smash Bros. game?

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V8+Ninja wrote:

@RWP Good point. Therefore, I have proposed a new challenger;


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Corbie and Chicken brutus.

Edit: Prosody, BlackDragon, Vendetta.
All above as their avatar, though Pro would have his pigtails.

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So many possibilities with this awesome lil dude..


Final Smash move delivered by Drake Redrest.




Machu wrote:

So many possibilities with this awesome lil dude..


Final Smash move delivered by Drake Redrest.


That'd be awesome, but nix Drake Redcrest and make the final smash performed by Chibi in his Redcrest suit...

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Megaman and Simon Belmont for sure.
Along with some others. Maybe replace that loser diddy kong with a cooler kong... funky? Or cranky?
Maybe another sonic character... That one orange squirrel comes to mind... his name escapes me...
And that chibi robo thing looks cool! Even though Ive never played it...



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Knuckles, Tails, Eggman, and Megaman



lz2010 wrote:

@Aviator: Why? Smash Bros and TvC are two different games

Wapeach and Wadaisy

If the were able to create a moveset for Phoenix Wright in TvC, Nintendo would have an easier time with his moves in Smash.


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Ivan definitely now


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@Dragoon: He's already in an all-star fighting game series. They just need to get past the liscensing crap and bring it to the US! >:3



Here we go!

Roy (replaces Jigglypuff)
Mewtwo (replaces Snake)
Mega Man

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RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

Trevor_Fox wrote:

Bomberman and Pommy, Geno, Professor Layton and/or Luke, Layle, Jegran, and Krystal. I mean, come on. Who doesn't wanna see Krystal slap Fox around after him being such an idiot in the last few games? Or see Fox kick the absolute crap outta Krystal for being such a butthole and joining Wolf's team?

Lol. Well, regardless, I'd like to see that!

Anyway, I hate Krystal. Every game she has been in is a disgrace to StarFox, and Nintendo. Plus, she is just stupid. She doesn't deserve to be in Smash Bros.

Well, I actually liked those games! =D She wasn't bad at all in Dinosaur Planet, but she didn't get a lot of face time, either. In Assault she wasn't really annoying. She probably had the best VA outta all the characters. =P But man, in Command, they just took everything we knew about Fox and Krystal and threw that out the window and remade Krystal into the very annoying and unlikable character...well...depending on which story route you took. =P But the only canonical ending (in my opinion) had her out being the most annoying....thing....ever. Even Falco told her to knock it off! =O

Oh, and I forgot to add. If we're gonna have Sonic, then I wanna play as Tails in Smash Bros. =)

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Metroid_Fan wrote:

That'd be awesome, but nix Drake Redcrest and make the final smash performed by Chibi in his Redcrest suit...

I so want Chibi now! He would be a new fave I just know it. They'd need to install an outlet on every stage though.

/me smacks you with a toothbrush, pwaaaah!



Cause his final smash can BE the moon.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, would you kindly?


Okay, lemme just say, I could go for mobster Ivan. That pin-striped suit is nice. :3

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