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I never got around to doing Wii to Wii U the data transfer, so I still use my Wii every now and again.
The graphics were good enough for me. I think the older I get, the less I care about graphics. I just want to have fun. I still go back to a lot of my Wii games and play them, whereas I have things on PS3 that I haven't touched in two years.

What I really liked about the Wii was that it challenged developers to do different things with their games and to get crafty. There was a lot of shovelware, don't get me wrong... but there are some decent titles to play. It's also my favourite system for multiplayer simply because the selection is fantastic.

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Yup. I probably would have played my PS3 more if it had more use of the Move controller. I thought Sony dropped the ball on that one.

I almost bought Move, but by the time I got there, I had already just bought a Wii game that already had motion controls, that I didn't have to buy anything extra to use said motion controls. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World, for example, had motion controls that probably won't be on the PS3 version, even still.

Same goes for RE4: Wii Edition. They couldn't adapt what had already been done for the HD version on PS3.

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I ain't missing it too much, since i really wasn't a fan of motion controls, and since i'm able to play all my Wii games with my Wii U, i see no practical reason to own it anymore at this point.

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Yeah, I missed out on a lot of great things on the Wii during that generation. I sorta lost interest and explored XBOX 360 for a while (biggest mistake of my life) and enjoyed a few games on PS3. But in the end, I never completed over half the games I got on those systems and never really felt so happy playing them. That's when I learned that it's Nintendo games that truly make my happy. Heck, I think I spent more time and accomplished more on my 3DS in less than a year than I did within the 4 years I played with PS3. That's why I stick to Wii U & 3DS no matter what.
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I don't think we'll ever get a console again with such a consistent track record of titles that deserve far more attention (and arguably acclaim) than they got. It makes me curious of which ones are gonna get the Okami or Earthbound treatment of getting the attention it deserves way later than it should have. Xenoblade's the obvious one but my other current guesses are Zack and Wiki, Little King's Story, Muramasa, Red Steel 2 and Fortune Street.

Though I don't miss it necessarily, because it's the one that has the most games I want to replay and I have quite a few more games to get for it hopefully.

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I have a Wii and a Wii U. I don't miss the Wii that much but I really like the console

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I own a Wii U and 3DS. I also own a PS4!

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I guess I should be saying that I miss when it was new and no knew what to expect as much. Wii U is obviously the better console, but I waited in line for Wii, and no one really had any clue what they were buying.

I got RedSteel and Twilight Princess on launch day. Hopefully, Wii U can muster up the type of games that made DS and Wii such great consoles. I'm pretty sure Wii U would be selling better if it did have the kinds of games that made people want those consoles.


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I miss the Wii as well since I love those broken TV and bone news!


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Game & Wario is actually exactly the type of game I would expect Wii U to have on a regular basis. That one makes pretty good use of the 2 screens, IMO. A big problem is that 3rd parties need to figure out whether they should be putting out games that, or try to incorporate the second screen into their big games that wouldn't otherwise have those features.

Even something like the PSS on Pokemon X & Y would be pretty cool for Wii U. Watch_Dogs is supposed to have that sort of thing going where you can interact with other people's games that are connected to the network. I think the GamePad could make those things more effective, during your game.


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Super_Gravy wrote:

I miss the Wii as well since I love those broken TV and bone news!


These alone made Wii worth it - Dayman
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RancidVomit86 wrote:

Super_Gravy wrote:

I miss the Wii as well since I love those broken TV and bone news!


These alone made Wii worth it

My brother almost did that. He threw the controller, but then he caught it by the wrist strap that he obviously wasn't wearing. My cousin has hit me and almost thrown the Wii remote at my aunt, too.


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I'm just happy the Wii years are gone forever. The gamepad is no wii remote and that is just the best fact in the world to me



The only reason I still have my Wii is because I need my A/V cable for my Wii U and no one would buy a wii without that cable.

I am thinking about picking up some great wii games I missed. The two big ones are Sonic Colors and DK country.



Love my Wii, and even though we own a Wii U and some games it's the primary console we use around home. There are literally dozens of Wii games in my backlog that look interesting but we haven't had time to try playing yet . At this rate, I'll be happily playing Wii for years to come.


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Gioku wrote:

...I can't miss it, because I'm apparently the only person on Earth who has never owned a home console...

Set yourself up with this masterpiece, and see what you've missed out on.

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I agree with a lot in this thread. I miss the Wii too but it sits right next to my Wii U.
I never did the system transfer because I still want to use it for GC games too and couldn't bother.
So for me it lives on. And I agree about the graphics being nice on it, and most of all - Star Force: The Force Unleashed on Wii was really great. I might have to replay it now.

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I miss the times I was just playing the Wii and DS in general. I started playing them when I was fairly young, and I have so many memories of them. Ahh, that magic games used to have when you didn't know what was really possible and what they could do. Those were truly the gaming heydays to me when I didn't even bother to system-update and didn't kerfuffle with setting up Wi-Fi and that nonsense. I just played games in my free time, without any real responsiblity, just wasting all time on playing. There are still tons of Wii & DS games I haven't played which I've wanted to.

I never system-transferred from my Wii because it doesn't have that much data on it anyway. Also, it's one of the Mario Red Wii systems so it has the Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary game on it, and I believe if I did a system transfer then it would be deleted and I couldn't recover it. We also have a white Wii which is still in our living room, which has my original save files for games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Galaxy. I haven't used it much lately, since I don't really have any reason to. I can play Wii games on my Wii U and I only have a few GameCube games anyway, none of which I feel like playing. For me, though, the Wii was pretty much just a Mario machine and most of my time on it was playing Mario Galaxy or Kart. With the occasional Legend of Spyro or Wii Sports thrown in. And Donkey Kong Country Returns.

As for the DS, we had a lot of DS systems. Everyone in my family had a DS Lite and I had several myself, including a limited edition Pokémon one(the black and red one that came with Mystery Dungeon Explorers). I actually got ANOTHER DS Lite last year, a Mario one. One of the DS Lites I had before was also a Mario one but I used a custom skin on it and when I was taking the skin off it destroyed the gloss. The new Mario Lite I have is like-new and has gloss and I still have the old box from my older Mario system. I got it for my birthday last year. I know all of our DS Lites are lying around, we didn't get rid of any. I also got a DSi on launch day. I didn't like it, and ended up switching back to my Lite, but I still have that DSi. Sometimes if I bumped it it would power off for some reason. I also imported one of the light-blue DSis from America a couple of years ago(I still have it with the original box! Looks great). I played so many DS games I have great memories of, I don't think I can go through them all, but Animal Crossing, New Super Mario Bros., Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, HGSS, the Zelda games and Professor Layton were probably my favourites and the ones I remember best.

But anyway, I can't get too hung up on it. Now they're over and they had a really good run. It's just weird seeing it really ending now with the Nintendo Wi-Fi service soon to finish. When I used to play the DS and Wii ages ago I never thought about it. And I never really got to use those services either, though they seemed so bustling and I always wanted to play online- it makes me sad to think I didn't join in on it and can probably never do it, after May. I think they're still producing certain Wii and DS systems like the Wii Mini, but to me, discontinuing the Wi-Fi services is really what signifies the end. Maybe because it makes it feel like this is where we won't have any new experiences coming to our Wii or DS consoles- I know there haven't been new games lately for the DS at least, I'm not sure about the Wii- but I feel like the online kinda added that "new experience" feeling from getting to play with other people on old games... and it's going now...

Though, I already have plenty of memories of the 3DS- like when I first went to 3DS demos before it came out, getting it at launch and playing Nintendogs and waiting for the eShop, Ambassador Games, 1st-year anniversary, and just so many great games in general. It's amazing. It's also weird how I can look back at things that happened only a couple of years ago and feel almost childhood-like nostalgia for them...

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The wii is a perfect example of why graphics are so unimportant. Sure, it had the worst graphics, but it had so many good games, that we'll be able to go back and play it for years and maybe even decades to come. I can off the top of my head think of:
Kirby return to dreamland, Punch-out, 007, SSBB, MK, DKCR, LOZTP, LOZSS, DJ Hero, DJ Hero 2, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Kirby Epic yarn, other m, galaxy, and galaxy 2.

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Mizore wrote:

Eh, I miss the GameCube more.

I can see that. I was a GCN only gamer in 6th gen. I chose GCN as my console, because Smash Bros. Mario Kart, kind of like the Wii U. I wanted a PS2 and/or Xbox, too, but it wasn't as easy for me to get another console back then, so it never happened.

I got the Wii on launch, and whenever there wasn't many Wii games that I wanted, I just went back and played GCN games. The GCN component cable was hard to find, or really expensive, so Wii was my way of playing GCN games in 480p.

Yup. My brother and I just played the Wii Pokemon game last night, actually. His old teams were on there, so we played using those. The graphics held up fairly well, but he won, because he knew which one of his teams was better


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