Topic: Do you throw away your game boxes?

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I still have the original gold Ocarina of time box as well as the majora's mask box. They're both kind of beat up though.

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KingMike wrote:

Gamesake wrote:

As soon as the game's warranty runs out I torch the cardboard box. I don't recycle game boxes for fear of some creep reselling them, and I can't keep them around my house because it would ruin the Feng Shui (That's also why I can't buy a red Wii, it would be hell on my creativity gua).

That is the strangest reasoning I've heard. If you don't care to save it, why care if someone steals and sells it? Or why don't you sell it?

I'm not desperate enough to pay in situations where the box/manual are worth several times what a loose game is (16-bit RPGs are probably a good example of this. They generally weren't very popular until they were years out of print. So, it happened with games like Chrono Trigger and EarthBound that the packaging became highly sought after by collectors.)

There are people who sell the box/manual for several times what a loose game costs- and I want no part of it. That's why I destroy my cardboard game boxes. My trash will never be another man's treasure.

If someone wanted an old box for nonprofit I'd just give it to them, but resellers are slime. my pants.





No. Never. And I never will.

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I throw away all boxes. I have nice collections of discs sitting in the dust under the carpet.


I have never thrown a videogame box/case away. I still have my boxes from SNES, N64, and GameBoy games. I don't store the actual games in their cardboard boxes, though. Instead I have the boxes all lined up on bookshelves and the cartridges in a drawer. I keep the manuals inside the boxes, though. Disc-based games I keep in their original cases, obviously.


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I find it ludicrous that anyone would throw away a game box. Just WOW.

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I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from throwing away all my old NES and SNES cardboard boxes



About ten years ago when I got a gamecube I would throw away my manuals. A few years ago I started to regret it and now I keep all my games in their cases and go on ebay and by the manuals for my old games



I keep my cases cause they're so beautiful.

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I threw them out/recycled them back in the days of cardboard boxes, but I've kept all of my cases since then.

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Not since the Disc age, but I do store them in a box downstairs while the discs are in a Binder.

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Hopefully soon I can transfer my data and just sell all my boxes

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Yep I still have my NES, SNES, and N64 game boxes tucked away neatly in my storage unit.

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I threw away my Gameboy Advance cardboard game cases when i was younger apart from a few exceptions. Now I keep all of my boxes, because why not? .

I am a bit annoyed though because my dad threw away my HeartGold and SoulSilver cardboard cases without asking me...

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