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Who leaves a system idle for 90 minutes?

But I guess it's good to know, thanks for sharing.

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Yea, I don't think too many people would have to worry about this happening to them because 90 minutes is quite awhile, but if someone has narcolepsy or something and falls asleep this may be problematic.



Doesnt surprise me new computers nowadays have a sleep function that if you leave it idle it will shut off. Its a good feature that if you leave in a hurry or get wrapped up in something and forget to shut off your Wii U that it wont continue running and shorten the life span.

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Great function. I'll most likely keep it on, 90min seems like a solid time frame.

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that sucks with it not being an actual 'suspend' feature — there are times i get mired in an RPG and have to stop to go to the store or something, so it's easier to just leave it on and running until i get back as opposed to finding a save point and shutting down first. that's one of the things i love about my PSP, it just saves your spot wherever you left off. i hope they can turn it into a true suspend with a later system update somehow, it sounds like a solid energy-saving feature otherwise.

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i hope theres an off switch you know like with no lights on the system at all something like a powerswitch that the phat ps3 use to have before it was taken out in thier newer models



Will you be able to adjust the timeframe like on Playstation 3? I like to set mine for a shorter period like one hour of idle. However 3 hours works, cause after that amount of time I've obviously left the thing on by accident, and not been momemtarily pulled away from it.



Sounds like a good feature Twice,I accidentally left my Wii on the whole day...... I went to the bathroom and I forgot that I was still playing........

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Sounds like a very useful feature to me. There have been many times in the past few years that I thought I turned off my Wii, but then find out the next day that it's still on.

Will keep the feature on when I get the Wii U.

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or for that matter why would anyone keep it on 24/7? think of the BILLS man the ELETRIC BILLS

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I'll leave mine on. I have left my 360 on and gone to work while downloading something and forgot about it. Thankfully, it shuts itself off after an hour (I think that's the defult anyway). Takes away one worry.

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BlackFira wrote:

i hope theres an off switch you know like with no lights on the system at all something like a powerswitch that the phat ps3 use to have before it was taken out in thier newer models

I believe you can turn this feature off in the system settings, not really much of a big deal for me I usually never leave my system's on.

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It seems to be a good idea. My grandma always turns on my wii on accident because she thinks the orange light means that it's on. (Don't we all, though?)

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My sister always seemed to leave the Wii on when she was done playing it, this could be helpful.

TheDreamingHawk wrote:

My grandma always turns on my wii on accident because she thinks the orange light means that it's on. (Don't we all, though?)

Uh.... No....

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If a game is paused that counts as no interaction. So pause a game, look at the game guide and read for an hour and half (unlikely), then you pick up the GamePad and...wait a second...bam! Shut off!
I will not be using this feature.

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It has been confirmed that it is possible to adjust the timeframe of this feature, or just turn it off completely. It's a standard energy-saving feature that most machines put to use nowadays, and it'll help prolong the life of your system.



Assuming I can adjust this feature by several hours, I'll leave it on. Otherwise, no. I've never accidentally left my Wii on (or any console for that matter), the couple times it's even been on for awhile with no interaction has been intentional (suddenly forced away from the console for one reason or another and didn't get the chance to save). I realize it's not good to leave a system on when not in use and so it is definitely a rare occurrence if I choose to, I wouldn't want it shutting on me after all that.

If it had a suspend feature, that'd be much preferred though. One of the few features of my PSP that I wish was used more... I mean, my laptop does that (obviously), why can't my Wii U?

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