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I just realized. That would be a awesome app for the wii u. The app. Conserdering theres no other music playing on the system this would be a awesome app. I mean its awesome on xbox, so why not they make a app for wii u and possibly 3ds, just because i wanna see some 3ds love. But which app do you think would be awesome to have on Wii U?

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A Photo app, and a Pokemon Hub app.


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I would love to have the bbc and itv iplayers.
Also, youtube needs to sort out there app to get it more in line with the web site.
Lastly, I would like the messaging sevice to be similar to the original Wii where we can send web links, photo's and voice messages.

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A Pandora app. That way I can listen to music without having to use Youtube.

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Just a media app in general so we can play music and video from our SD cards or USB drives.


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1. iPlayer
2. YouTube (in a form that works!)
3. Sky
4. an eReader or Kindle app

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Crunchyroll. netflix's selection of anime isn't that great. Though it'll take a while as they just released an app for the 360. Not to mention the every video I go on youtube is copyrighted. Sitting on a chair in front of my computer is not comfortable. I just have to do more....waiting.

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Nintendo Power app, and an XM Serious radio app.

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Google Chrome app. We also need something to install Flash.

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I agree that some sort of music app is needed.



Blu Ray app but I don't think the Wii U discs are strictly Blu Rays.

To be honest, if TVii has Virgin Media Tivo support I will be a very happy person!



The app that tells me to play games instead of drawing and sending spam to other users that really just want to play games.

When we do get a drawing and mail app I would like a app that automatically deletes crap drawings and spam before I view it.



A Nintendo Direct app, I'm serious. If it were done right it could be so usefully simple. I think it would be much more helpful for the 3DS though and I want to see it there first as well as more.
I'd also like to see a great drawing app. It would work perfectly on the Wii U.

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Nintendo Direct would be useful. Somehow I forgot about TVii, as well. Hopefully a lot of the things I mentioned will be incorporated in that.

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That app that does stuff.

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