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Come on, guys, please be serious. If there's something you really want to see an app for on the Wii U that you think would enhance your experience with the console, feel free to post it, but if you're just in here to make cute jokes about how other devices already do all the things you want and stuff, please move along. Thanks in advance!

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Flipnote Studio would keep me at the Wii U for hours, it was great for the Dsi, so maybe putting it on the Wii U could work, I mean, just look at what I do


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I still just want a music app, Netflix and all the other apps were crap and not worth it. (Yeah don't post stupid stuff people, what theblackdragon said, thanks) But a art app would be nice now to.

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SheldonRandoms wrote:

Flipnote Studio would keep me at the Wii U for hours, it was great for the Dsi, so maybe putting it on the Wii U could work, I mean, just look at what I do

That seems like a great idea - they could have some kind of convergence with the 3DS for a new Flipnote with a Miiverse-connected upload channel that's easier to use than what was in place on the DSi.

Not strictly related, but I'd like to see a successor to Wii Music that leverages the online community aspect as well. Imagine how brilliant it could be to be able to say upload individual performances and then have a "mash-up" feature where you could combine different people's creations into a new musical piece!

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I would really just like to see them enhance TVii and Miiverse further. Add a search option on Miiverse for sure, plus add a colors option for drawing.

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Probably a Nintendo-developed music player that supports Amazon's Cloud player and uses simple but neat screensavers.

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defiantly a music player and art app agree with these completely. as for my own ideas ermm.....
maybe a music maker app

put it on.


An updated Swapnote, but preferrably with the option toswitch to other colors to use without changing the color already written onscreen, that way you can write/draw nice, colorful things. And though I don't necesserily need this next 1, since a lot of people are suggesting music apps, iHeartRadio (I use it on my Droid 4 and PC occasionally.) would workgreat on the touchpad and wtthoutthe complex menues on TV because it's very easy to use.

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