Topic: Which Wii U do you have?

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Dee Lucks.
It's worth it to just pay the extra $50 for the stuff.



Basic, Deluxe was overpriced in my shop.

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Deluxe, Zombi U bundle

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I got the basic version with Batman and CoD for a good price on Ebay. Took a chance but it was worth it



Got the Basic, because i wanted to get the Wii U Gamepad in white!
Got it bundled with NSMB.U, Nintendo Land and a limmited edition NSMB.U Snap case.

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ZombiU deluxe set..I only really wanted it over the normal deluxe set for the pro controller but having ZombiU is nice too even though I hate it

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Premium pack.

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Premium with Nintendoland bundled


Basic. I liked the white one better, and I already hada 1TB HDD...



Basic. wasn't interested in the bonuses with the premium,so i spent the remaining money on zelda games for the Wii.


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Seems like so far most people have the Deluxe set over the Basic set

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Because life is unfair to my efforts

I actually don't know which to get when life stops being a bitc*. Any suggestions?

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Basic. I have a 1 TB external drive with it.



Same here. I got the Basic because I wanted it in white. All my electronics are black and it's getting a bit boring (plus white seems more Nintendo-y than black imo, even though it does look nice).

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I got the Deluxe ZombiU. I only got it over the Basic because of ZombiU and the Pro Controller, though I have to say that the black looks quite nice under my TV.


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The one without any games.

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