Topic: Which Wii U do you have?

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Guitardude7 wrote:

Deluxe set for me!

@WaveBoy I believe you can. I know amazon offers them for sale.

They seem to be only selling the GamePad stands. Bummer.



The black Deluxe. Bought pro controller and several games separate.

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I Have The Limited Edition 32GB White Wii U 😏



Zelda special edition deluxe. I actually held out for is knowing they would release something like it.

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Wind Waker and an original Delux....



I got a refurbished Deluxe Wii U from Nintendo with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendoland..

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@wiiincarthage: Mine only came with Nintendo Land. Darn it I got ripped off! How much did you pay? Mine was...oh that'd give away my country of origin.(but some people already know) Just tell me how much you payed.


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Fee wrote:

@wiiincarthage: Mine only came with Nintendo Land. Darn it I got ripped off! How much did you pay? Mine was...oh that'd give away my country of origin.(but some people already know) Just tell me how much you payed.

Including shipping and tax, it came to $243.. I was a little hesitant buying a refurbished unit but it looks and works as brand new and had a 1 yr warranty!

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Original Deluxe from (2012, i know i got it that year, im not sure when tho.)

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Launch Deluxe model with the gamepad shell of the white basic replacing the original black one.



Good evening fellow gamers.
I'm new to the forum so please, bear with me.
I recently purchased a Wii U deluxe.
While I absolutely am having a grand time playing my games, I'm finding frustration with the controllers. What I am referring to is the Wii remote and getting it to work while the game pad is off to the side. Now, I do believe I followed the instructions for "syncing" the remote to the console however, when I go to use it for other things such as watch Netflix, it doesn't seem to work. My question is, how does one get the Wii remote to work while the gamepad is off to the side? The Wii remote will work on the main screen but once the Netflix is open and the choice of "who's watching" is offered the Wii remote fails to work.
Forgive the long drawn out question, but there has to be someone out there that can assist me with my dilemma. Please help.

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I'm one of the few who bought the 8GB White model at launch. They were the only ones still available for pre-order. I have no regrets, though. White doesn't track fingerprints, 8GB doesn't matter when you have an external harddrive, and the digital deluxe program doesn't matter when you rarely buy digital games. Plus, I got pro controllers that match my system for really cheap when the white ones went on clearance everywhere.

@Kioko72: Certain applications don't support the Wiimote, especially Netflix. The controller will often turn off automatically when switching games/apps. But if you load up a game that supports the Wiimote, and you turn the Wiimote on afterward, it shouldn't ever disconnect.

As a newbie to the forum, you should know that this isn't the best thread to ask this question, since it is off-topic. I believe the best thing to do is create a new thread with an appropriate topic, or use the search bar to find a thread more relevant to your problem.

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I bought the black one at launch. I wanted the white one but that didn't get me the premium program, discounts on eshop purchases and more internal storage.

If they had a white one that was premium I would have gone with that.

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I managed to get my hands on one of the deluxe Zelda models that came with Wind Waker. And I couldn't be happier with the nice finish on the gamepad. It makes me wonder whether I should hold out for more Zelda themed consoles...

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Black Deluxe USA
White Deluxe JPN

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Deluxe Wii U that the family picked up 8 days after launch. We didn't start using it until almost a month after, though (power issues), and even then we (mostly I, since I was the person around to use it) only had 4 games to play with in the span of 1+ years. Now those were the days. Well, not really...
Now we have tons of games for the system, I just lost count. There are ABSOLUTELY no regrets with the purchase.
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I have the black 32GB one that came in a Splatoon bundle.


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