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Would anyone like some TimeSplitters on their Wii U?

I would love to get a new TimeSplitters game, but a port of 2 or 3 would be great as well.

The best case scenario would be a TimeSplitters Trilogy pack.

You could play with traditional controls on the gamepad, pro controller or classic controller (pro). Or play with the wii remote and nunchuck. There's definitely not too many controls that it couldn't be mapped well to that controller setup.

Up to 5 players locally, with one on the gamepad. Maybe even 6 once two gamepads are supported. Online play as well, which would be really awesome for me because I played 2 and 3 on the gamecube, so there was no online support.

What do you guys think about TimeSplitters on Wii U?

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Timesplitters unfortunately seems to have died with its developer...though I do wish we'd see more.

The developer is still alive, just with a new owner and a new name. Crytek UK.

I signed that petition a long time ago. Crytek needs to not worry about holding Crytek UK back and just let them do a TimeSplitters game or remake. It will prove whether or not TimeSplitters can still do just as well in today's market. If they don't release anything, then we'll never know.


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Actually, they're just afraid it won't sell. I dont know how long that petition's been up, but it's not looking good so far. They may be right. Especially in this day and age, where there's no shortage of shooters.

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It would sell on Wii U because there is a shortage of shooters on Wii U. I think it should be a Wii U exclusive. As a digital download. I bet Crytek UK already has an HD version of Future Perfect in their office. That would cost them very little money (comparatively) and would prove whether or not it would sell.


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I just said digital download because it would cost less for them to do, thus less of a risk.
Maybe release Future Perfect as a download and if it does well, then a trilogy pack on disc.

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I would really like a HD re-release at the very least. Timesplitters 2 and 3 are great games that deserve a second chance.

Plus I'd really dig some off-TV play!

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Loved Timesplitters to death back in the day and would love to see it continued. Unortunately Crytek is too stuck up for it and just goes for their bang and whistles games, all looking great but being really bland.

Anyways, you don't get the quality Timesplitters offered back in the day nowadays anymore.

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If they made Future Perfect for Wii U, I'd want the map editor to be polished. Just less glitchy and some more space would be nice.


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timesplitters trilogy with pointer controls woah! now thats a good idea.

put it on.


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