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I watched the MS and Sony presentations and at very least i was extremely impressed. A lot of people think that The Wii U is in trouble.
but as with MS and Sony they will bring (like usual) a pretty singular and linear gameplay. one that they have already brought in past generations.
people say that the wii u is just an extension of the wii. which i suppose makes sense but the xbox one and ps4 are only extensions as well. that what advancing a system is. the wii u has provided a completely different kind of gameplay just as the wii did. and wii motion spawned kinect and move both of which in my opinion were lacking.

the market can be good for the wii u, especially when people start to see the prices for xbox one and ps4.
the only real problem the wii u is facing is thrid party titles. regardless of what nintendo fans say. we need these titles. or maybe some creative minds over at nintendo could create competitors. some serious competition. like a fps that would rival battlefield or cod. if nintendo started to do this and i mean really try not half ass it, i think it could be successful. it would be interesting to see and it would open up a whole new area of gaming for nintendo fans.

make some competition for elderscrolls with a first person massive nintendo rpg.
make some competition for call of duty with an amazing and challenging nintendo fps.
etc.etc. you get the point and if this were to happen not only would the third party publishers jump on board
but nintendo wouldn't exactly need them. if it did it correctly nintendo could remain independent of third parties and no one would mind much.
but third parties are important, and are something i care for immensely.


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By linear and singular gameplay, do you meant they will get the same games for the most part?

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Sony doesn't need any third-party support for FPSs, third-person shooters, and racing games according to this logic.

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I don't really know where to go with this thread at the moment so I will just post this:

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The way I see it, people want the 3rd party games, just not how they currently are. FIFA 13 was trash, COD is last year's last year's last year game, AC3 is old too, IMO. Dead Space lost steam after 1, and the Sims and Spore always suck on consoles.
Trust me, people want 3rd party games on Wii U, but not the crappy games people seem to think matter. I understand games should just show up, but we also shouldn't be fighting for games we can see on last gen consoles, because that defeats the purpose of the new console.
People don't want old or recycled games, but that's what alot of the complaints about Wii U are about. The COD Ghosts game on Xbox One looks last gen and Killzone Shadowfall on PS4 look like last gen. Please understand this is my opinion(besides graphics on COD's part), but I think alot of people(including myself) expect alot more than what people are already saying are impressive. I'm not willing to sell myself out so soon in other words. I still expect better, and PS4 is not building hype for me. Xbox One has alot of potential, but they were good not to show disappointing things like Sony. As for Wii U, I'm not judging it yet, because they really haven't done anything with the console yet, regardless what people think. People were judging the console 2 years before it came out, and those same people are the ones deeming it behind to this very day.
Like seriously, do people really think Nintendo is trying to impress consumers right now? WTF? There's hardly any games, features, or advertising. Do people really think that's how Nintendo plan to treat their console throughout its lifetime?

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When it comes to 3rd parties. Some companies already have Nintendo's back to provide great games like Ubisoft, Capcom, SEGA, and Warner Bros.
If 3rd party support does start to become an issue to get on Wii U, Nintendo could always work with companies closely to make exclusive games together like they're doing with SEGA to make Bayonetta & Sonic.
Not to mention, indie developers will always be there to bring games to Wii U because well, they're indie developers so they usually don't have enough money in their budget to make super detailed, high-quality, realistic games that only systems like XBOX One & PS4 could only support, now all 3 systems have the technology to support practically any indie game.

A new era is beginning in gaming as I see it. Fancy graphics aren't going to be enough this time, it's gonna be all about gameplay. All 3 systems support a decent amount of graphical support to make everything look like it's supposed to, so now the real challenge will be making a game that plays good.

And right now, Nintendo is dominating that factor with a controller that supports a touchscreen, a camera, gyroscopic features, a NFC reader, off-screen play, a microphone, Wii Remote support, and the basic controller essentails(buttons, triggers and analog sticks). So the Wii U can support a wide array of games and approach each one with unique gameplay styles. While the PS4 & XBOX One controllers still have basically the exact same buttons and sticks as last generation controllers, not offering as much creative freedom.

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I'm just going to say it: Nintendo now has its golden opportunity for this generation of consoles. After Microsoft's expo yesterday, it is now quite clear that much of their time and energy is going into TV/entertainment aspects aside from gaming. Yes, there will be good games. Of course there will be! But the door is now wide open for Nintendo to prove to those who want a console to play games and ONLY to play games, that the Wii U is a "no frills," inexpensive next-generation console that is focused on providing games (with the added innovation of the gamepad) to gamers who want a primary gaming device.

Also, if the "used" game fee for the Xbox One pans out, Nintendo's console just picked up another draw. When you buy a disc for the Wii U, you can loan it out to your friends and even that weird smelly guy down the street for no fee whatsoever! Just like the old days and the way console gaming has always been. Don't want to (or can't) connect your Wii U to the internet? No problem! You don't have to! Don't want a Kinect sensor staring you down as you watch a movie with your girlfriend? You don't need that, either! Nintendo needs to capitalize on these pluses for the Wii U before Microsoft gets wise and starts revamping some of their messaging as they've already started to do by labeling information presented yesterday as "possible scenarios." Market the Wii U as a streamlined gaming machine for gamers, and do it fast!

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It's surprising how many people are completely sold on the XBox One already. The more I look at it the more I'm convinced that $399US (prob $500AU) will be better spent on a mid-range graphics card and a small handful of games on Steam. PS4 seems like an easier sell but I'm fairly sure it's going to cost a little bit more again. I'll play wait and see on the PS4 I think but so far they haven't done anything to make me too cautious. If 4K content and screens appear that might be a good way to test the waters.

The Wii U is an entirely different proposition. They aren't a platform for third party content primarily so I can't just say that I'll skip it for gaming on the PC. They are all and almost only about the first party content. As most on here already I have a Wii U and don't need convincing, I want to play their first party content. It just seems like a much easier and entirely different sell than what the other guys are doing.

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Nintendo is in the absolute best position for Christmas. Microsoft have screwed up. Its obvious. Sony have their only real system seller (Gran Turismo 6) on PS3. Infamous, Killzone etc. They have all proven to not sell systems. They only sell copies when the install base is there but people don't go ape for them like they do for Halo or Mario Kart. The thing PS4 has against Wii U now is graphics but things like pricing (not just the console games as well) still aren't clear yet.

Nintendo are releasing their Armageddon of key titles later this year and early next year.



You know, they say Nintendo's stuck in the past, but Microsoft went against rechargable controllers (likely to sell rechargable battery packs) and Sony went with horribly overpriced propietry memory cards. They're not the only archaic game company.
Plus, Microsoft seems to think the future of gaming is... well, not doing much gaming



The irony in the "Nintendo stuck in the past" argument is that outside of graphical performance Nintendo aren't that behind at all this generation.

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I think that a lot of people will crave simpicity in the future, and no multimedia thing with all pop music and social stuff....well, i do.

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I was a bit worried for a while but now when both Microsoft and Sony has presented what they will bring im quite happy with having the Wii U in my living room. I might consider a PS4 in the future, but only if it wont require the same online activation as Xbox One does, im guessing that it will.

If so.. only Wii U for me this gen.



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Honestly if Nintendo get there act together and get some 3rd part exclusives and not just fart out Mario or Zelda games out constantly. Also try and get multiplatform devs to build games from the ground up on the Wii U instead of crappy ports. Then I can see it just being the Wii U and the PS4 as the main console platform for the next 8 years.

After what I saw the other day with Microsoft. Sure the Xbox One will not die a instant death. But I think most people will just buy a PS4 or maybe a Wii U for there gaming needs or just go PC gaming.



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