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The N64 is my second favorite system of all time for numerous reasons. I loved how it made mode 7 look like it was a piece of 2nd generation tech, I loved how it was always better in any form when debating about the saturn,playstaition or jaguar, and most of all I loved all the games that made me love the system. Call me a horrible person but I only own six n64 games on my actual N64 (though I played them for at friend's houses). One of said games though was rouge squadron. Sure it had a sequel on the cube but it was never on the wii. So the wii might be dead but what about the wii U? Would you like a rouge scuadron game on the wii U or would you prefer a battlefront, old republic or a force unleashed game???

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Lucas Arts shouldn't make another Star Wars game until they release Battlefront 3. Which will never happen.

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First of all, it's "Rogue", not "rouge". Wedge Antilles was not, in fact, a drag queen.
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i would love to see a new Rogue Squad game (that eliminated the on-foot portions of the Cube titles), but i don't think it's likely. LucasArts hasn't seemed to show any interest in continuing the franchise any time soon, and they have heavily been focused on The Old Republic for the time being.

We'll probably see one more Force Unleashed game (Galen Marek's story was sketched out to a trilogy after the first one was succesful), and i wouldn't be surprised to see a new Battlefront eventually, once they find a new development team that can truly handle and improve the series, since it should certianly sell very well. And of course you know they're trying to figure out how they can squeeze out another Lego SW game (i'd love one based on the EU stuff, but that's extremely unlikely).

I would also go nuts for another game in the "Jedi Knight" series of games, but that's not too likely either.

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I would love that, but unfortunately that will never happen.




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I loved the Rogue Squadron games. I never got into the 1st one but Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike were amazing. Well, ok Rebel Strike had the lame on foot missions but that was made up by having an absurd amount of content.

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