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What I mean by the title is what you PERSONALLY want 3rd party wise. For my case, all I really want 3rd party wise in GENERAL (obviously there will be games I want outside these categories, but they won't be a lot) are the console JRPGs and fighting games. No lie if they do that I'll be satisfied by the 3rd party support for the most part. I mean, Wii U already has Tekken, that makes me very happy. For most gamers there not going to get every 3rd party game out there, so what are your "core" desires 3rd party wise. Again, these are generalizations so let's not chop each heads off over this.

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More fighting games are always welcome in my book.

I want to see developers actually take advantage of this new generation and start producing new franchises, though. I don't even care if they're similar to existing franchises, at least a new IP has more room to grow into something new and unique than a 20+ year old existing franchise. Too bad the Wii U doesn't have the install base to invist in those kinds of new franchises, at least from big companies...

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Destiny, GTA V, maybe Madden if the gamepad is used better along side Wii remote + nuchuck, possibly Mirror's Edge 2.

I'm sure more games will get announced that I might want.


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Any BlazBlue or DoA game. Tekken isn't enough.

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Kingdom Hearts 3...


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Some sort of sandbox-esque game
Seeing something like Just Cause 3 on Wii U would be pretty awesome

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One game that I want and will move consoles...


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Coffee Stain Studios should release a big packaged edition of both of their games,Sanctum and Sanctum 2.Along with all the DLC.It would look great and run perfectly on the Wii U.Also,I'd like the Orange Box(with a version of TF2 that actually gets updated)and other Valve games such as L4D and Counter-Strike on Wii U.

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exclusives that are diverse, good and popular

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I've written about this elsewhere, but I think there are certain titles, and certain styles of 3rd party games that would be good for Wii U. I don't think there's any point putting out grim, ultra-serious shooters and heavily cinematic action games. Stuff like Battlefield, CoD, GTA, Far Cry, and Mass Effect are probably a waste of time. Really, they should be getting ports of Japanese published/developed games at least. Konami, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Square-Enix, etc.. Games like Castlevania: LOS 2, Killer Is Dead, Metal Gear Solid 5 (yeah, lotf cutscenes probably), Dark Souls 2, Ni No Kuni, Catherine, The Evil Within (perhaps), and stuff like Fables Series (Telltale), South Park, Murdered: Soul Suspect would be a good fit also. It's not the absence of Battlefield, GTA, EA Sports, or the next Bethesda open world game that's disappointing, it's that there are many 3rd party games missing that would actually be a good fit for the console, that would give people something to play between 1st party releases. I'd like Nintendo to go after the more offbeat and 'gamey' 3rd party releases...

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DOA 5 Ultimate
Kingdom Hearts 3
Trauma Center U
Star Wars Battlefront



I just want kingdom hearts 3. Sign my sig please.

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Just give me Kingdom Hearts III and I will be satisfied with the 3rd party support for the rest of the console's life :/

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I'd like to see some games similar to what the Wii had:
More experimental Square Enix games like the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series
2D innovation like Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Swords & Soldiers
More Raving Rabbids games
Racing games like F.A.S.T. and Speed Racer
Retro styled games like Mega Man 9, Contra Rebirth and Cave Story
Platformers like Klonoa and A Boy and His Blob
Rhythm games like Samba de Amigo and Helix
Craziness like Muscle March and Tomena Sanner
Action games like Sin & Punishment and No More Heroes



Racing sims, and games that make the other online shops, but not Nintendo's. (Like Konami's Simpsons Arcade game)



Final Fantasy
Castlevania LOS 1 &2
Bayonetta 1
Phantasy Star
Some Sort of New Mega Man

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Pinkie_Pikpik wrote:

Any BlazBlue or DoA game. Tekken isn't enough.

Hey man, I agree with you I want ALL the fighting games.

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A damn Touhou game lol, I dont mind if they just have the current games and just put them on the Wii U. I am not shore if ZUN would let them but its kinda of a split on Yes or No.

It would be a good Franchise to go to due to the devotion of the fan base and how crazy there are. If you want to target any fan base, you would go to Touhou, I personally would want to buy like 4 copy's of it for myself lol. Even if they made a reference or two I would buy the dam game even if it sucked.

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