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"A forum poster claiming to be a developer at Ubisoft Milan has spilt alleged details on the Wii U ahead of Nintendo's E3 blowout.

  • Wii U supports DirectX 11 and is already running Unreal Engine 4
  • Wii U will support to touch-screen controllers
  • The console has 2GB or RAM, 560MB dedicated to the OS
  • The launch date will be 23 November
  • Launch price hasn't been decided but will be between $350 - $450
  • Rayman Legends, The Avengers, Assassin's Creed 3, Just Dance 4 are all on Ubisoft's Wii U schedule, with Killer Freaks from Outer Space set to arrive weeks after launch.
  • There are currently multiple versions of the console with developers
  • Graphics are powered by the Radeon HD 6770 chipset
  • Assassin's Creed 3 will run at 60fps at 1080p, compared to 720p on PS3 and Xbox 360
  • Wii U will come with pre-installed software
  • Crytek, EA and Valve are all working on Wii U
  • Valve are working on a digital distribution platform and Portal ports
  • Wii U will support achievements
  • Wii U's UI will be customisable
  • The new button has some link to the Wii Vitality Sensor
  • The trigger buttons won't be analogue"

Hard to belive on the UE4 and the price is to high, other than that I would love multi touch on the screen or some other surprise.

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If this is true, I'll buy two.

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This would be too good to be true.
I'm calling it fake.

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Isn't the directX the red herring that the rumored is false.


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This seems a bit fantastical. If it was true, however, I'd be one happy Wii U owner.

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The square has to do with the scanning objects thing. So fake.

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You had me..... but then you said Vitality Sensor

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skywake wrote:

You had me..... but then you said Vitality Sensor


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I love these rumor posts that sprinkle just enough bits that we know to be true (e.g., the Ubisoft slate of games) and bits that are very likely (e.g. a launch date of 23 November) to make them seem credible.

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direct x is owned and controlled by microsoft. not a chance



19Robb92 wrote:

sejan wrote:

DirectX is owned and controlled by Microsoft. not a chance


If that was the case that the Wii U will have DirectX they should just change the name to DirectXbox.

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Everything is fake until e3


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True or not I assume it would use (a costum) openGL 4, equivalent to DX11, just easier to give a reference as they are more or less the same thing, even if is just open GL 3.x (from 4850, like the first rumurs said) and DX10.



will its all fine and dandy if true about the price though i hopes its just 350 dollars but would like 300 price instead



BenAV wrote:

skywake wrote:

You had me..... but then you said Vitality Sensor


Vitality Sensor is becoming the biggest punchline for Nintendo since Virtual Boy.

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The Vitality Sensor is the biggest joke in the gaming industry since Giant Enemy Crabs

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LztheBlehBird wrote:

Everything is fake until e3



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