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We need a thread that lasts for more than a page or two beyond CONTROVERSY!!!! threads. I'm not even sure if I'm getting this when it comes out (I will eventually if it's really good) but this is pretty much the first post-launch new Wii U exclusive. Looks cool, idea's cool, here's a commercial.

The big news of this thread is that it simultaneously keeps the ideal family gimmick commercial while still mostly focusing on why the game is awesome. THANK YOU.

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Looking forward to this. Really liked Lego Batman 2 and the scope of this game is much more massive. Even if the game isn't that good the humor at least is going to be vegood.


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Well, atleast the commercial didn't have that mind breaking music.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty excited about this one, I plan on buying this on it's release date.

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This game looks really good! I'm hoping there's a demo for it this month too. Not sure when I'll be able to pick up the full game. Hopefully sooner rather than later!



Yeah I wasn't that keen at first, but this seems pretty cool and my kid will definitley love it.

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I just hope this don't suck.

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Game looks great, I have MH3U, LM2 and this preordered.



After what happened with Rayman Legends, this game "Lego City" is without a doubt the first big Wii U release in my eyes, and boy does the Wii U need this to be good, in fact I'd say the Wii U needs this to be great! as good might not be enough to see the game do well.

I've bought loads of games of late (to many) all on either the PS3 or Xbox 360, with the likes of Bioshock Infinite, God of War Ascension & Sly 4 still to come, so I really hope Lego City gives me a reason to get back to my Wii U, I have it on pre-order so I'm fairly optimistic about the game.

If worse does come to worst and Lego City flops, then, it will feel like an age waiting for the next big game to come out on the Wii U (not interested in Monster Hunter myself).



I'll probably get Lego City Undercover. The only way I can see it getting a score so low I lose interest (6 or something...) is if it's horribly, horribly broken, or the gameplay isn't as free-roaming as previews have implied. I won't be surprised to see a few low scores from lazy reviewers citing things like "another lego game" or "it's for children so it sucks", and they shouldn't cause me to lose interest.



I was getting a little tired of external property based LEGO releases, so I welcome this with open arms. It doesn't also hurt City is probably my current favorite LEGO set series.


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This got a 5 in the latest issue of Edge. The review isn't up online yet, and I don't feel like typing it all out, but it's worth nothing that an Edge 5 means average, not garbage like a 5 from somewhere like IGN would be. My guess is it will be an IGN 7, probably an NLife 8.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon got an 8 though, which is a fantastic score, the same as the original game on the Cube got.



I'm looking forward to this game.


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Game Informer gave it a 8.5/10.

Lego City: Undercover was reviewed by GameInformer's Jeff Cork. He praised Undercover's storyline, GamePad usage and stated that developer TT Fusion has absolutely nailed the best part of sandbox games.

Cork further added that TT Fusion could have done a better job with Undercover's world which would have motivated gamers to take part in additional missions in the game.

Cork concluded the review by stating, "Lego City: Undercover isn’t perfect, but I can’t think of another Wii U game that I’d recommend more. … It’s the most interesting and highly polished game in TT Games’ large repertoire, and it fills an important game gap."



I am stoked for this game. On the E-Shop is says it will be available at midnight on the 18th. so is that sunday the 17th going into the 18th or monday the 18th going into the 19th? it's probably a stupid question but i'd still like to know.


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I too cannot wait for the game though, one gripe? No co-op. I would have loved to play it with a friend.

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Most of the LEGO games are a heck of a lot of fun. I remember playing one of the Star Wars LEGO games on my 360 pretty early on, and I had an absolute blast with it. A section of gamers will avoid it because they deem it too "kiddy," and even if it gets wonderful reviews it will serve to add fuel to the fire of the "dude bro" gamer segment that the Wii U is only for kids.

Rant over. Oh, and I'm downloading this puppy at midnight.



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SunnyShores wrote:

On the E-Shop is says it will be available at midnight on the 18th. so sunday the 17th going into the 18th.

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