Topic: What Retro titles have you BEATEN recently?

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Since Jan: Megaman 2, Adventures of Lolo and Super Mario RPG. All on VC. Loved em all.

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I've been focusing on finishing some Wii, PS2 and DS games, so haven't played retro games lately, actually there's been a while since the last time I finished a retro game, other than Ninja Gaiden that is, I play it and beat it, at least once a week, trying to finish it without continuing, I'll do it one day.
The last "new" retro game I finished should have been Dragon's Curse, some months ago.

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Qwikman wrote:

Say, I'm thinking of getting either Bomberman '94 (TG16), Ys Books 1 & 2 (TG16), or Phantasy Star IV (Genesis). Which one should I get?

Bomberman '94 is much different in structure than Bomberman '93 (which more resembled standard Bomberman games like the arcade ones). I've only played through the first couple of stages of the first world (seems to be more levels than '93) and I'm really enjoying how different it is.

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KoKoO_Psy wrote:

Majoras Mask

Glad to see someone else plays is awesome and so way ahead of its time. Nice to see it on the VC.

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I'm working on completing Paper Mario now. Already rescued 2/7 Star Spirits!
This game's really hard!

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Thnx Sean n Jiggy. Mite get PSIV, then. Or Bomberman. Probably PSIV tho.

I'm also playing Paper Mario, and though its story and characters are wacky, its difficulty is INSANELY hard!!! (I've rescued all 7 star spirits, btw.)

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I beat Dr. Robotniks MBM last night FINALLY. I was getting so ticked off with that game but beat it. I almost hit my head on the ceiling fan when I jumped up I was so excited. And relieved.

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LOOM (1990, LucasArts)
beaten a few weeks ago on Wii's ScummVM.


Me and brother beat Streets of Rage 3 this weekend. The level with all the flashing lights and colors (dance club) has to be the most psychadelic level ever created.

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