Topic: What was your first video game ever seen and the first you played?

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I don't remember the first one I saw but i think the first one I played was some Scooby-Doo platformer on one of my friends GBAs when I was about 7. After playing that, I got myself a GBA (in 2005), and It basically continued until now.

No where near as long as some of you who were kids in the mid 80s....

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Probably the SNES version of The Lion King for both. That game was so d*mn hard when I was a kid.



Hadn't even heard of video games when I got a saga master system for Christmas with Wonderboy 3: The Dragons Trap and Donald Duck: The lucky Dime Caper. First two games I ever saw and played and I still love them both

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


SeaWolf, circa 1977 or 78

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Gamesake wrote:

Nightmare. Probably.

Thats a video game. Not a videogame. Smartarse.

Edit: #looks at thread title. Well done, Sir.

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I first game I saw was a first person shooter on the PS1,I think it was a James Bond game,

The first game I played was Sonic 1.

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Probably Super Mario World...I was born in 89 and my dad played the NES and the SNES, but the one I remember really playing first was SMW.

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Haha, first game I saw was old school Centipede on the Atari when I was a kid when my mom played it all the time.
First one I played was Willow on my brother's NES.

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Super Mario Bros on the NES was the first I've played at the age of 5.
I was with my mum, she was visiting some friends of her.
In the living room I played till we had to go and my life changed from that moment.

I fell in love with games... all because of Marios Mushrooms.
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Pong (a clone of it). We had it for our black-and-white television around 1977 or 1978. I distinctly remember getting the old Atari 2600 in the summer of 1979 (it was known as the VCS back then).
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I already posted but I remember the first time I played the Game Boy. The first game I played was Dragonheart because I loved the movie. I don't remember liking the game much though.... lol.

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The first game I seen was super mario bros when I was 3 years old (so my older brother says) but the first game I remember playing was duck hunt at the age of 5. Shooting virtual ducks with a "real" gun was one of the amazing things I seen in my young life. If only 5 year old me can see the gaming world now, his mind would be blown and I would cease to exist.

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