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The genre of shoot em ups are slowly dying and we don't know if Nintendo is seeing this because if they do know this, then We'd get a Star Fox game or another Kid Icarus game that revives the genre. So what do you guys think devs should do to save shoot em up genre?

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There are still plenty of shoot'em ups around on online stores for console and mobile phones & tablets.

As retail releases outside of Japan it's been dead for over a whole generation.


Shoot 'em ups aren't dead. Hell, we get a new one every week on some download site or another. They just aren't super-popular outside of Japan anymore, because FPSes have taken up its niche here.

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So does that mean that Star Fox won't sell well because of it being a shoot em up genre? Miyamoto said that the future of Star Fox depends on how well it sells.....right?

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No one knows if the next star fox will sell well. Nintendo appearantly thinks so, otherwise they wouldn't be making a new entry.



shoot em up are as overdone in the indie scene as FPS are in the mainstream scene

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There is loads of Japanese Indie bullet hell shmups. Not that many are good. (All the Edelweiss ones are so is Jamestown).

There is not that many of the old type (Think Soldier Blade or Thunderforce or Gate of Thunder) or the Starfox type rail shooter. (3DS has Liberation Maiden / Nano Assault Ex).

Another problem is rubbish stuff like Sine Mora gets reviewed better than stuff like Under Defeat HD. (Prior to its rerelease Under Defeat was selling on the Dreamcast for over £100).

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On a mainstream level, i would say that the classic shmup, im talking Raiden, DonPachi etc are pretty much dead.
But the dedicated fanbase is still as strong as ever. This genre was always a nishe one, mostly fed by the fanbase themself.

It simply doesnt go well with kids these days, if it doesnt have burly army men shooting at each other in it. Also, you couldnt even smashtalk over the mic, since you actually have to concentrate on the game

But in all seriousness, i doubt that you will see a fleshed out arcade shooter on teh retail market anytime soon. Maybe Shin en will get back on track once their racing game is finished The Nano series might be over, but that doesnt mean that they cant work their magic again.


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Xbox 360 of all consoles had a monopoly of them during the 7th gen, but now that Xbox 360 is pretty much dead in Japan (only 86 units were sold over there this week) I think the shoot em ups are going to move to PS4.


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