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Star Wars Republic comamando, KOTOR, and SW: Battlefront all come to mind.

KOTOR does have a sequel. The MMO The Old Republic is the third game in that series.

I don't consider a PC MMO like that a sequel. I want a true KOTOR sequel that is SP.


Oh, my bad. Sorry about that. I get frustrated with shortenings like that sometimes too. I meant single player.

Np man understanable. And if I might add The Old Republic is free to play and one of my biggest complaints about it is that it feels alot like a single player game more so than an MMO. I'd say if your a fan of the series check it out.

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SP = single player.
Not that hard to figure out.

Also, seconded for both Star Wars KotOR and Republic Commando (which was a surprisingly excellent game). On the Star Wars front, Bounty Hunter was also amazing, with a lot of good ideas that could have been made even better in a sequel game (which 1313 might have sort-of been, but that's been cancelled now).

Also also, Perfect Dark did have a sequel — or rather, a prequel — in Perfect Dark Zero. Too bad it was so rushed and turned out to be pretty weak.

Also also also, I agree it is criminal that there hasn't been a Beyond Good and Evil sequel, and I likewise will not be holding my breath for BG&E2, no matter how many teasers or comments they make about it, until I see some gameplay in action.

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Not five years old but Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

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I really would like to see sequels to Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Fusion, Kirby Air Ride, Super Mario Sunshine, Custom Robo Arena and Chibi-Robo Park Patrol (localize to the eShop).

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the_shpydar wrote:

SP = single player.
Not that hard to figure out.

Not everyone is as smart as you..

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This is actually a nice puzzler and a hidden gem for the SNES and NES.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

But what else would SP mean in that context? Super Poopy?

It means Spider Pig........................yeah, I just said that.

Another game that should get a sequel is Elite Beat Agents, I dreamed that they made it last night, just look up the dreams thread and find out why.

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