Topic: Great game... where's the sequel?

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Games you like/love that never saw a follow up. Games should atleast be 5 years old with little to no hint of another.

I think at the top of the list for me is Legend of Dragoon (PS1-2000?). Apparently not too long ago a sequel was in a pre-production stage, but then cancelled by Sony, and people were sent off to work on other various projects. Bummer.

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Beetle Adventure Racing..

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Would a series count? If so, I would LOVE a new entry in the Megaman Battle Network series...

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Harvest Moon pokemon super mario bros resident evil mario party final fantasy layton ace attorney Zelda....

This is too hard

Maybe Ghost Trick? how old is that one?

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Solar Striker!

It was a scrolling shooter (a là Xevious or TwinBee) released by Nintendo for the Game Boy.

It was one of my first GB games, and although I could never beat it, I loved it.

Of course, with Star Fox around, it's very unlikely to get a sequel, but I can dream (c'mon Ninty, at least release the original on VC...).


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CRASH BANDICOOT. I mean the franchise as a whole. Technically the last game was in 2010, but that was a crappy mobile kart racer. I actually like all of his console games, even though Mutant ones are different, I would like to see the scrapped TwinSanity sequel in some form.
Same with Spyro, he last game was 2008. Skylanders =/= Spyro- it's a good franchise, but it's not Spyro. He's just a playable character. That's like saying that Super Smash Melee is a Mother game because Ness is in it.
And the game everyone ignored. KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER! There was a sequel in the works, but it was cancelled. It didn't look too good tbh but I really think that this game deserves more, and a sequel should just happen because outside of the magic mirrors the game isn't actually that long. On Wii U... sigh one can dream. Pretty much all of the RARE series deserve sequels but I'm really aching for Kameo since my copy is lost and it's my favourite 360 game!

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Most games that I've felt are worthy of a sequel have got their sequel now, so...nothing really to add. Though I second a new Spyro game that actually is a Spyro game.

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Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.
Now that was how you make a DS game. I feel it would work even better on 3DS, make it happen CyberConnect! D:

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Star Wars Republic comamando, KOTOR, and SW: Battlefront all come to mind.

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Quest 64! While one of the few RPGs on the N64 failed in sales and reviews. There was going to be a sequel that redid everything, but unfortunately the studio went under.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Pokemon Snap 2, that is a perfect concept for the 3DS.

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Beyond Good and Evil's (initial) sales failure and the lack of a sequel nearly 10 years later is one of humanity's greatest failures.

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North and South 2.

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