Topic: Best D-Pad ever made.

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NES D-Pad is still the best.

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My Top 3

2. NES
3. Sega Genesis



I like the Game Boy's.

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Sonomin wrote:

Also, I fail to see how Sega's dpads were any good. They always felt too loose and imprecise to me.

I like the feel of it, but yeah, having played with it for a few hours, it didn't seem very precise. So not the best, I take that back. The original Genesis 3-button pad had a more practical D button, but I'm going to go with GBA SP as the winner.

Tasuki wrote:

@BearHunger: The OUYA dpad isn't too bad. You want the worst dpad try the Xbox 360 dpad. Worst dpad ever.

I haven't actually used either one of those in gameplay. (Ouya's was only on a menu.) I'd rank the Gamecube one pretty lowly, personally, partly because of its size and also because of its placement, which is the same as that of these two. I played all the Mega Man games with the analogue stick for those reasons.


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snes definitely. It felt smooth and was well-placed

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Sonomin wrote:

Also, I fail to see how Sega's dpads were any good. They always felt too loose and imprecise to me.

Then you sir have never played a fighter on Saturn because you would understand. Plus, Sega=win(just to go all fanboy on you). - Dayman
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No, seriously.
A lot of people hated that one, but I loved it. The clicking sounds as directions were being pressed down felt very satisfying, and it felt like the most tight and precise D-Pad ever made.

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