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Anti-Matter wrote:

I have an Analogy for you.
I played Portal Knights at the FIRST Time on PS4 version on June 2017.
It was 60 fps.
I played Portal Knights AGAIN on Nintendo Switch on 25 December 2017.
It was 30 fps and some downgrades.
But, i still like the Nintendo Switch version than PS4 version despite of weaker performance.
Who said people cannot enjoy the games on Switch version when the PS4 / PC version was actually stronger than Switch ?
Who the heck cares if the Switch version is weaker but still playable ??

@Anti-Matter do you like the switch version of portal knights because it’s 30 fps and portable or because Sony is 60 fps and is evil company. Nintendo is angel company, they can do no wrong

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@EvilLucario Steam supporting full gyro on any compatible controllers (like Switch Pro and DS4, for example) is one of the big reasons I'll never play a non-exclusive shooter on consoles again. With gyro aiming in addition to the resolution and FPS boost, the PC version of DOOM (via Steam) is far and away the best version of the game.

Switch is second, since it's fully portable and also supports gyro.

And I hate how the term "unplayable" is used for sub-optimal gaming experiences. If someone can't get past the limitations of DOOM on Switch, then I... don't agree, but can accept that. But it's far from unplayable.

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I feel like my difficulty tolerance is all over the place. It varies from game to game. Back in the day, I feel like I was more likely to power through to completion.

(Of course, I sometimes have a hard enough time getting motivated to play games that aren't brutally difficult...)

It's weird though, because I've willingly signed up for some games to serve me my butt on a silver platter. Like my Fallout 4 Survival mode playthrough.

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Cobalt wrote:


It's insane how you transform things into something else...

I repeat : " IF you have previously play DOOM at 1080p/60FPS constant THEN you cannot enjoy the Switch version, impossible but really the difference in terms of feeling, reativity and even visually, it's just night and day..."

Now, about Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Monster Hunter World etc... runs perfectly at 60FPS on PC ? So, what's the problem for the player who wants to experience these games at their best ? There is no problem, they just buy the PC version... And don't forget that the next generation of consoles are ready to be launched next year, they're gonna run games at minimum 1080p/60fps... ^^

I've played DOOM at 1440p / 120 fps, and I still prefer the portability to the graphics. That's why I'm finishing the game on Switch.



I have come to realise that as I’m getting older, and I’m only 33, I just can’t play hard games like I used to be able to. That also goes for retro games which once upon a time I’d have no trouble completing, but not so much nowadays. I have to be careful about what I spend my money on as I’ve bought a few games thinking they’d be something I could play through, like Hollow Knight, only to find they’re too hard for me.



@Ralizah Can you send a configuration for fine-tuning gyro on Steam? With my Pro Controller, it never feels right and the gyro just goes out of sync CONSTANTLY.


> not as memory intensive as Mario 3

Shame about the sprite flickering in Mega Man 2 and 3 though :^]

But yeah I agree with the hard difficulty part myself. But personally I also love easy games too. I'll play pretty much anything as long as it's not a RTS.

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@DarthNocturnal I know what you mean as an example recently played through the Dark Souls series was honestly a breeze didn't get what the fuss was about but then I play Wolfenstein: New Order and I struggle on normal nearly the entire game. Don't get gaming sometimes.

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@EvilLucario I only use it on the DS4. Anyway, the trick is to first turn hardware sensitivity up to max and then adjust the sensitivity in-game until you get it to a point where you're comfortable with it, I've found. It's as responsive as the gyro in the Switch version, if not moreso.

@subpopz Some people swear by KB+M for any shooters. I can see why, but personally, despite years of trying, I've never been able to get comfortable with the setup. Primarily because nothing feels intuitive about controlling character movement with the keyboard.

Gyro isn't QUITE as accurate as proper mouse aiming, but it also affords me the comfort and familiarity of a controller.

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@Ralizah Analog control sticks allow for more accurate movement. Moving a character around in 3D space with four keys can feel a bit stiff, and you don't really have any control over the speed. A controller with gyro offers the best of both worlds I think. Analog stick for movement, and gyro controls for accurate aiming.



@Octane Agreed. I wish the Sony fanbase would open itself up to stuff like gyro aiming in shooters instead of dogmatically insisting on a pure dual analog set-up that just doesn't work as well.

Also, I find jumping with the spacebar, crounching with ctrl, etc. to be uncomfortable, especially when you have to perform these actions in short succession.



@Ralizah It's not so much about the fanbase not accepting it, it's more about not having the option. I mean, let's be honest, every fanbase will deny the benefits of something they don't have. I'm sure that if it was made available; people would try it out and like it actually. Now it's more of a ''thing Nintendo does, we don't need it'' situation.

I'm just wondering how difficult it would be to implement it in future games. Can't be too difficult, right? Then again, there are quite a lot of (accessibility) options many games are lacking; Adjustable text size, single button press instead of mashing, heck, many games lack a simple brightness option. I'm sure there's a few people who'd love a colourblind mode too. Some of that gets patched in later, but I don't understand why there isn't a list of options that should be standard in all games, preferably day one too.



Embracing gyro would be an admission that they've been experiencing games with an inferior control scheme, even compared to Nintendo (and that admission would be like pulling teeth from an alligator).

If Sony themselves spearheaded gyro in 1st party titles, the fans would embrace it, but now that will likely never happen. It seemed like they were going to push it, given games like Infamous Second Son and Flower and just the fact the Dualshock had six-axis, but they never really followed through.

And MS doesn't even have gyro, so it's not like 3rd parties could start implementing it across the board anyways.

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@JaxonH I always forget Xbox doesn't even have gyro.

The fortunate thing is that PSVR exists, and many games utilise gyro controls; so hopefully the feature will become a little more widespread and accepted in the near future.



@FaeKnight I loved Hollow Knight and it is a very rewarding experience. But (& it’s a big but) if you’re really struggling with the second Hornet fight I’d suggest skipping it. The ‘good’ endings which that fight is an early gatepost towards require some really crushing battles (far harder than hornet IMO) and very difficult platforming.

Having endured it I did enjoy it but I think I might have enjoyed just making a bee line for the basic ending more after a certain point.


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@FragRed yeah that's the thing... i get this sense the hard game fetish is mostly young people that really have way too much free time and way too little actual stress in life. (Plus a subset of people that never stopped playing retro games and are just used to it.) For the rest of us we spend all day every day ready to havea heart attack..... Recreation shouldn't be adding to that. I laugh every time thres an uproar about violent video games. Doom and gta are positively zen. Give me 40 minutes of mega Man, hollow Knight, or lost levels and I'll rip and tear everyone in a ten Mile raduis with no remorse. . It's the last straw of stress in top of the already barely managed stress

@subpopz it's probably the envy/loathing of all you people with enough calm to actually feel the need to pay for stress . I'll give you some for free if you'd like?

@FaeKnight i do somewhat agree though. Lego City is timeless and I'll hear nothing otherwise but yeah some games became challengeless which i dislike as well. But nobody ever does things balanced. It's either push a to win, or it's this weird sadism of enjoying frustration and suffering. It's the video game equivalent of bdsm (heck Bowser's dressed for the occasion )

That said, even when i was 12, lost levels was never ever going to go beyond 1-2



@NEStalgia I totally agree, I also think if you are in a position to play games for hours on end for YouTube and Twitch channels, you are more likely to be in a position where these types of games will come much easier to you. For me, it's partly a lack of time, even with my Nintendo Switch being portable I am still struggling for time. I have a day job, a website to run and get off the ground and the fear of getting older every day

But also, my reaction time is just not as good as it once was. By the time I have seen something about to hit me, it's already hit me and I lost a huge chunk of health. That said, I do love arcade games now that I can just keep spamming them credits without worrying about spending a single penny.



@JaxonH ms is more open to sellinga new accessory that flops the table than Sony though. I could see "elite 2 with gyro to be enabled in all shooters only$199" from them. Then again they're adding kb mouse support that will satisfy more of the shooter hardcore. If they add it to doom and wolf the switch version may get boxed for me.

@FragRed well (sits in rocking chair) i don't even understand why anybody streams that stuff and who on Earth watches. I know a few ppl here do it buti don't understand that entire scene at all.

I agree with reaction times to point though personally I'm not sure mine are any worse than ever.... i wasnt able to escape those cheap projectiles as a kid either. . I recall throwing controllers.... And nes advantage! Quite a few times in frustration back then



Violence, language & sexual content, pretty hypocritical if you think about it
so many people have been whining and bawking about oh my, there was a curse word, the girl's butt cheeks are hanging so far out, Sir Mix-A-Lot shouted "Oh heck ya, now I remember why I like big butts !!!"
whoa, Scorpion just ripped Sub Zero's spine out...


what is a game, it's a form of media entertainment, you just actually participate in, otherwise it's no different than movies or tv shows which no one in that same house probably cares about their kid watching, and believe me, 90% of tv/movie have content far more risque', even on broadcast tv

not all game players are kids anyway, the ratio is about over 16 60/40 less than 15 these days, it's actually easy for a 12 year to walk into Wal-Mart and get Blazing Saddles, Hellraiser & 50 Shades of Grey check out and not be questioned, but very difficult for that same 12 year old kid to walk into the same Wal-Mart and get L.A. Noir, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna

so why is there so much Donkey He-Hawing ???, at least retail companies are trying to help keep the games under wraps, but i never heard any God No !!! when their 14 year old is watching Deadpool (1), I mean, violence, language, drug references and gore aside, the sex scenes were pretty steamy, I mean seriously...a "Strap-on" ??? & I found a REALLY fun use for toy vampire teeth

Please mind your language - Octane

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@NEStalgia There's also the people like myself who find brutally hard games more relaxing than easier ones. It's just a great way to blow off steam. I mean, there's a point where it's not worth it (I never finished Grimm in Hollow Knight for example), but it also helps that I find most games utterly lacking in any sort of challenge. Doom for example, all my deaths have been from falling into bottomless pits while looking for secret areas. The combat itself has yet to provide a challenge.



oops, no prob bro, will edit it now

"If failure is the greatest teacher, how come we are not the most superior beings in the universe ???"


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