Topic: Smash Ultimate DLC, two spots left, who do you want?

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I'd like to see Lara Croft in there - there's not many more iconic than her.

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Rayman is of course my top wish out of the remaining 3rd party options, followed closely by Spyro, Sora (not gonna happen), and Doomguy

Of course, if we got first party my top wish would be Adelaide (not gonna happen), or more realistically Isaac, Chibi-Robo, Wonder-Red, Dixie Kong or Captain Toad and Toadette. Then of course I want Sharla, John Raimi, Jill (Drill Dozer), Min-Min or Monita, but none of those stand a chance.



I'm one of those guys possibly forever stuck asking for Geno. With Banjo in now, maybe that won't always be the case.


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Still hoping for Prowler...really I just want a proper MH stage and better music. lol

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shantae is top of my wishlist



Of course, Isaac. But he was Assist Trophy'd so RIP that.

Since they're going all third parties either way, I'll go for Amaterasu (Okami) or Phoenix Wright.


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I'd hope for more Xenoblade representation like Elma, Rex, etc. though what I think will happen is more 3rd party characters like Doomguy and Crash Bandicoot.


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Rayman and Shantae would be ideal now that Banjo is in.

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Link was in Soul Calibur 2 so I think its time a Soul Calibur character was in Smash tbh. This is the correct choice. Also put Soul Calibur 2 on Switch, and make it better than that last version of Soul Calibur 2 you put out.

Honestly outside of that, Travis Touchdown is the only 3rd party character that makes sense. Almost anyone else isn't predominantly on Nintendo or isn't a big enough deal (and granted, No More Heroes is no Banjo Kazooie in terms of sales, but it has that passionate fanbase ala Bayonetta). I'm honestly of the opinion that as cool as it was to have Joker in the game, it fits the least. Probably why its good that its a bonus DLC but the recent confirmations place the DLC back into being games people would potentially associate with Nintendo systems. So honestly despite what I just said, I kinda wonder if it should be characters NO ONE specifically associates with Nintendo to make this DLC as crazy as possible. So I say, put Crash Bandicoot and Master Chief in at that point.

(also Steve absolutely should be in Smash Bros someday, just not THIS Smash Bros imo)

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Link was in Soul Calibur 2 so I think its time a Soul Calibur character was in Smash tbh. This is the correct choice. Also put Soul Calibur 2 on Switch, and make it better than that last version of Soul Calibur 2 you put out.

I'd love to see Kilik in Smash, but if I'm being realistic, Nightmare is probably the most likely SC rep.

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Not sure how it could work, but an Advance wars character would kick ass.

Still holding a small candle for Rex.

From third parties: Nightmare from Soul Calibur would probably be my top choice.

Joker pretty much dashed my hopes, but I would scream if we got a SMT character, preferably Raidou with the Cathedral of shadows as a stage (mementos is pretty lame).

Ryu Hayabusa is like the last NES icon with amazing tracks out there, getting the modern design with a classic purple alt would be rad.

Billy & Jimmy could also potentially scratch that NES itch.

It's a long shot, but with NMH3, Travis Touchdown would be an amazing choice. I like how incineroar plays but I hate the "character" it self, so another grappler would be god send.



Billy, Jimmy, Bimmy, or Jilly Lee.

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Third Party: Phoenix Wright, Doomguy, Eggman
First Party: Kicks

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In the original Smash Ballot I put down Captain Toad and hoped for Shovel Knight or Doom Man. Of these Doom Guy seems most likely, Shovel Knight is an assist so that's not happening. Captain Toad? Doesn't really make sense anymore. Then again I didn't think Banjo, K.Rool or Ridley would happen so what do I know.

baller98 wrote:

Rayman, Ubisoft does not have a character in Smash

When they were going through the reveal of DQ for Smash for a second I thought it was an Assassin's Creed crossover. Rayman would be nice because there are probably too many "sword/gun" characters. But after how hyped I was for a second at Assassin's Creed? I would be ok with that also.

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Dixie Kong
Samurai Goroh

(but then, as it's modern Smash Bros, they'll probably go with more iconic Nintendo characters like Kratos or Master Chief...)



My top 2:
Travis Touchdown
Waluigi promotion from Assist Trophy

Other than that:
Yoshimitsu (Tekken and Soulcalibur)
Rayman (using the Rabbids as his Final Smash, similar to Yoshi's)
Crash Bandicoot
Urbosa (using the other Champions for her Final Smash, and maybe even some specials)



I guess it will be more 3rd Party characters and the two I found most fun in recent times are Travis Touchdown and Professor Layton. I think one Grasshopper and one Level-5 rep would make sense, as their games are kind of affiliated with Nintendo.

I have Phoenix Wright up there as well, but as Capcom already has 3 fighters in the game, I wanna give other companies a chance as well. And if by any chance Capcom gets a fourth or fifth fighter in, it will probably a "DQ Hero" like bundle of Resident Evil and Monster Hunter fighters.

And if we talk about promotions from spirits/costumes/ATs I would pick Chibi-Robo and Saki Amamiya (from Sin & Punishment). I think both companies, Skip and Treasure, made outstanding games for Nintendo, and Chibi-Robo and Sin&Punishment are two of my all time favourites.

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@jtmnm ahh, a person of culture I see.

Been rooting for Geno to be in Smash since Brawl was announced. Even Sakurai has wanted to put him in. We got Cloud, whose game hasn't even been on a Nintendo system. Pah! His moveset would be awesome, too. Imagine using Geno Whirl in glorious 1080p. Maybe since Squareenix and Nintendo aren't fighting anymore, it could one day be a reality. One day.

As for the other spot... it'd be nice for it to be an unrepresented IP or one with not as many characters i.e. no more Fire Emblem characters please.

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If I was to go for any first party character, I would go for boxboy. He would be a great rep for the smaller eshop titles, maybe even coming with a stage based on pushmo due to him not having any memorable locations from his games. He would probably end up being able to place semi-permanent blocks for his neutral b, leading to a completely new style.

2nd spot is tough though. Banjo was my main hope and, now that he is in, I don't really have a concrete 2nd slot. It would probably end up going to spyro.



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