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For all us gaming fans, GamesRadar has put together a tribute to Michael Jackson, R.I.P. king of Pop.

You Rock My World is by far on my favorite songs from Michael Jackson, how about you guys?

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I love that song too. In fact, I just re-downloaded it!



Man in the Mirror is still my favorite, although I haven't listened to any Michael Jackson songs in years.

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Almost forgot, here is 1Up's article on Michael Jackson's influence on the video game industry.

KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

I love that song too. In fact, I just re-downloaded it!

Yeah I just bought it on Amazon!

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My favs are Beat it, Thriller, Billie Jean, Smoothe Criminal, and I`m Bad
I remember always trying to dance like MJ all the time when I was younger. I was never anywhere close to as good as him.
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Corbie wrote:

Man in the Mirror is still my favorite

Same here. He made some great music in his time, but DAMN! was he a freak. =/

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Pegasus wrote:

Was he a freak. =/




Man in the Mirror has gotta be in my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Can't help but tear up and giggle at the same time (giggling due to him mentioning children in the song ).



holy crap, i didn't know he'd died. may he rest in peace.

also, @Chrono Cross: you named most of my favorite MJ songs, therefore, i can only conclude that you have good taste, my friend. :3 I also like his earlier stuff with the Jackson 5.

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its a very sad day i luv mike he was the greatest my favorite song is ROCK WITH YOU but all his songs r awesome



I have a lot of Michael Jackson songs (I really do mean a lot!), so it's hard for me to pick a favourite. I think I Want You Back is one of the most perfect pop songs ever created, but I also like a lot of his later stuff - Who Is It, Butterflies, Blood on the Dance Floor.

I'm a huge fan and I can't believe he's died, I really can't. I stayed up until about 1am watching the news until it was confirmed and even then I just couldn't stop watching it. I feel odd - half-stunned, half-numb.

I've just been on YouTube and found this video to cheer me up though. It's a montage of his best dance moves, some of which are just unbelievable.

I think he was a great singer and writer but as a dancer he was incredibly innovative and an extremely hard worker - I remember hearing he used to rehearse for hours and hours on his own in front of the mirrors at dance studios, studying all his moves and working to improve them. Even though he didn't invent the Moonwalk, he came up with so many amazing variations that it was his move. I honestly wish he'd been able to fulfil his dream of Moonwalking on the Moon.

Predictably lots of people are being disrespectful but I genuinely believe that he'll be remembered for his music instead of his public image.


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Nobody could Moonwalk like Michael could.

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u better believe it brotha



Well there goes the last best thing to ever happen to Pop.

I figure I share this as this goes more into his music in Sonic 3:

This video got me into Stranger in Moscow, and along with Scream are my favorites from The King of Pop.

RIP to Michael Jackson

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Beat It was my favorite. Poor guy

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Micheal Jackson was kinda eccentric, but that's way he had the type of fan-base he had. It's hard to say whether he really did those bad things or not. It's not my place to judge but I don't think he would do something like that.

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Can't deny his musical talents, he was at one time the King of Pop and I'll admit whenever one of his songs come on I'll start to move to the beat. But he's done some things that you just can't look over.

I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

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they did make a for him an the sega genis called moon walker its probaly in the viraul console somewhere

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Yea, he was a tragic figure. Musically he was a genius. However, many aspects of his personal life were disturbing (addiction to plastic surgery and a clearly unhealthy relationship with young boys).

It seems like all child stars have sad falls ... his was just a bit belated. Unfortunately, I think his wealth allowed him to live in an artificial reality which is not what a troubled soul needs to get better.

Someone on the news made an excellent point about him: "When people ask, 'what happened to MJ over the years?' The answer is what happened to MJ was LIFE!"

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