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Some people that know me, know I always made fake boxes for my DSiWare games. I always loved retail games and I love collecting them (cool boxes!).

Anyway, Today was a special day for me. I went to the toy store in my hometown together with my dad. More than 20 years ago my dad took me here, to get a Nintendo GameBoy and my first game; Fortress of Fear (from Rare!).

Today I’m standing at the exact same spot, but this time I’m pointing at one of my own games. I knew Maya would be up there, but I was surprised to see some of my other games as well.

My hometown is quite small and only has one toy store (and no game shops). The man owning the store still knew who I was from back in the day. I came in there a lot, to stare at all the games I could not afford

He knew I always wanted to make games, and was happily surprised to find out I actually did it!

I cannot help to think that maybe this summer a dad will take his son to this toy store, and get him a Nintendo (3)DS. Maybe , just maybe, the boy will pick out one of my games as his first. What an awesome feeling!

Just wanted to share this with you guys!


P.S: I submitted a patch for Color Commando (DSiWare), so people who really want to collect all coins should soon be able to do so!

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Hey, man that's great! Relieving good childhood memories and come back to the setting is really neat. So those games your holding, those were the exact games you had as a child? If so, that's awesome. Good to hear.

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Oh wait, you made those games? Awesome! Things just got greater to hear. I appreciate reading this topic.

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Hyped for: Sonic Lost World, Super Smash Bros 3DS, & Dream Team

Even though I have beaten many of the games I'm still playing, I play them not to win, but to have fun.


thanks guys!

@undead_terror: I'm working on some great 3DS games! probably will announce them in the coming weeks (waiting for e3 news to cool down).




@Nobodys_Angel mostly casual titles that i made within 3 months all by myself...

Maya is really cool though, I would seriously recommend it if you have younger kids. It has pretty good graphics (the 3D models really look like the models used in the movie). Another cool thing is that all voices are spoken (which is less boring than text, and easier for kids).

And some of the mini games are based on cool 80s arcade games (like Frogger). Although it is quite easy (since it's for kids).

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@HugoSmits I meant could you give me names so I could check them out.

Also, I'm 16, so having younger children would be a rather worrying thing

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That's awesome, congrats dude :3


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future of NL >:3
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Nobodys_Angel wrote:

I'm 16, so having younger children would be a rather worrying thing

Well, you could just get your own show! You'll be rich! It's not like TV is overflowing with shows like that or anything.
But of course, that would be nothing like seeing your own games in a store like that! That's awesome!

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Dude that's awesome beyond belief.


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That's great (Also, I like collecting retail games too, the boxes are cool)

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@HugoSmits Really happy for you!!!

I can only hope to have a similar experience one day.

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Hugosmits, you should do interviews with nintendolife. I'd love to read them! It's cool when a developer has enough soul to come to fan sites and talk with fans rather than have their head in the clouds. I might have to pick up one of your games. Can you list all the games you have worked on?

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Thanks guys! Here's a quicklist of games I worked on

DSi-Ware: Flipper, Flipper 2: Flush the goldfish, Ace Mathician, Color Commando
3DS-Ware: Tappingo (first screenshots will come next week)
DS Retail: Maya, Treasures of Montezuma 2

Not bad he? for being in the development scene for around 3 years

For the above titles I did either all of the work, or a really big chuck. I’m listed in the credits in many more games for smaller contributions (like some design advice, programming tricks or helping with getting a Nintendo developer license).

I would recommend all of my DSiWare games since at least they try to be original and innovating. From the retail games I would suggest Maya. It’s really a polished kids game, with cool voices (from the movie!) and sweet graphics.

Treasures of Montezuma isn’t a bad game, but it’s not doing anything special. It’s the typical bejeweled clone game you might expect.

@2Sang I actually did a few interviews with Nintendolife over the years. The most recent one is just a few weeks old:

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Real nice. Mazal Tov!

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