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...which era would you travel too (past or future) and why?
Personally I would go into the future by about 5000years to see if the Human race blew itself up or whether we actually came to our senses and lived once again in harmony with the earth. Plus if we were still around I'd see what video games were like.. of course!! mmm... a 4D alternate reality fully interactive Zelda I'd also like to see if organised religion (not spirituality ,that's a different thing altogether) was just a phase in our evolution or whether it carries on throughout human exsistance.
So - where would you go?

What's this bit for again?


I like to travel to 2010 or 2011 so I can play Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep now!



1966 to watch England win the World Cup in person (something I may never see within my own lifetime )

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That's a tough one. On one hand, I would like to see History as it happened from the stuff like the 60', the earth before we started destroying it, ancient ciivilisations and extinct animals but on the other hand, to travel to times we know nothing of, to see what will happen to the human race and planet earth, so many things about the future and how we know nothing about it. I would have to choose future.


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I like SuperSonic's idea, only I'd be going for Golden Sun DS.

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There can only be one, like in that foreign movie where there could only be one, and in the end there is only one dude left, because that was the point.


If I could take people, then I'd go to 2013 to show them that the world hasn't ended yet. Otherwise, I'd go back in time and create a time paradox.

You shouldn't have done that.


I'd travel back to the day I was born and kill me as an infant. Just because that's the main paradox I always think about when thinking about time travel to the past and I want to know what's gonna happen

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Go back in time and punch myself in the face. Very hard.

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There is no such thing of time..... so forget it!

But if time would be there I think I would travel back to 80's and 90's. Best time of music and movies and even the cartoons! Now all is garbage!



I'd travel back to the turn of the last century - around about the late 1800's to the early 1900's. I think it would be fascinating walking around streets and places you know so well in such a different time period. Places would still exist, you would know your way around, but it would also be so different.

I believe most of my local pubs were around back then - I'd love to go for a drink in one of them.



Oh and of course I'd travel back to the years different companies were made to buy stocks of Nintendo, Apple, Google etc.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


if time travel was possible government and banks would manipulate events-wars-crysis as they like , and they would keep this hidden from the normal people

but dreaming, well would be nice to see some places in the world 5000-2000-300 years ago (but consider that you may get killed by any street men, or even by soldiers abusing of their power, if not by arrogant kings) i doubt it would be a perfect journey, maybe the most safe is in front of a TV

maybe they would release to the normal public just a ONLY VIEW (not interact) travel in time

many people would do one thing (Back to the Future n.2 or 3) buy a book with the sports scores of the last 50 years, and go back and bet over them millions over millions

but if you win millions, many have to lose millions, and if all travl and do it, the system would collapse, and general caos
(meaning of NON SENSE of betting companies and Casinos or Lotteries anymore) a huge system who sucks money from the mass, gone!)

MEANING THAT the timeline would develop differently and timemachine wouldnt be invented ,= you would be trapped only God knows where (not in place or time, in the nothing or just become instant matter-vapor pouff) = Mich Anthony Thomas, ended his life experience in the moment that has entered the time machine.

if you travel in the future, you might get arrested by the Civil Force of New Minapopolis because you dont have a chip in your eye, or your fingerprint is not recognized (treated like a 3rd world immigrant, so if the time machine is something HUGE, you wont go back to it, and live the rest of your life in a 2845 Prison, then this time machine has to be something pocketable that you can use when the police wants to stop you )

traveling too far, could expose your body to new atmospherical situations, like x10 Temperature grown up (= burn instantly) or get frozen, not being able to go back = POUFF

not talking about the eventual cyber-diseases of the new centuries-millennia, which are not known yet ( in the americas at the arrival of columbus many local indians died for influenza, simple one when you sneeze)

= Developement of a Shield needed (what if where you plan to be, lets say New York City, whitin 10.000 years will be 300 hundred meters on the floor of the Ocean ?, you will die in a second)


1) Real Time Machine = be there, interact with that people as a real person, feel cold or hot at that time Weather-World Condition, have risks to get killed *** ONLY USED BY 1-2 GOVERNMENTS TO MANIPULATE, with TRAINED AGENTS, with planned INTERVENTS in key historical moments, in key places to draw the evolution of the modern civilization ***

2) Virtual Time Machine = you would only appear to that people (or not appear at all) as an HOLOGRAM, in this case NOTHING can kill you, but you cant change Facts, you cant touch people, etc
a sort of entering an holograms world (still you will live IN YOUR OWN- current day- atmosphere without NO RISKS of getting burned or frozen or get the new Virus that we'll meet whitin 4000 years: worst than anything we know today= 101% safe. you keep breathing the air of your bedroom-livingroom).

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I'd love to go back to the 1920's for a night out, I love the music, the style and attitude of that time. Then I'd jump 300 years into the future to satisfy my curiosity and found out it if we are as evolved as I think we can be. By this time we will have either reached a point of no return and be looking to colonize a different planet on the other side of the Milky Way, or we will have fixed the man-made environmental damage we are causing today and we are at one with this beautiful planet. Either of which will make me very proud. Then... I'd jump back to the 1950's, when Ladies and Gentlemen were just that, when people spoke proper English and trusted and respected one another.

To be honest though, and I shouldn't really be telling you this, my adventures through time have already begun. Three years ago, I was confronted by myself, from the future. He was battle torn and seemed so tired. His message was brief, but I will carry out his/my instructions. I am Sagittarius A, and I have an important part to play in the future of this Galaxy. Remember my name, you WILL hear of me again.



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I'd go minutes into the future to see what to write here as a reply.

Wow, it seems I will have been being much less creative 5 minutes from now than I once am.

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Go back and warn Sega of course, I think the Mega CD could have been a success if only they fazed out the Mega Drive and released an integrated system at the same time at an affordable price, and sell the Mega CD add on very cheaply for those that would need to upgrade, also pull all funding from FMV type games since they where mostly horrible, and since people would be buying either the add on or all in one model also include a 6 button controller for each, and just plain stop selling the 3 button controller and of course don't even bother with the 32X at all, if they did all that I think Sega would still be a main player in the videogame world today.



You could also go back and stop the holocaust from happening - but then saving Sega should always be a close second.



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