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I meant to post this yesterday, but completely forgot, but I wanted to pass on congratulations to our über-knowledgeable Editor-in-Chief Damien McFerran, who got married yesterday!

I hope you'll all join with me in wishing him and his wife all the best for the future.


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Game Over Sorry, just quoting what a t-shirt once said. Happy Being happy for the rest of your life!!

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Good Luck sir and remember to be there for every single minute treasure it

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Commiserations Congratulations!



You did it! Have a happy life together!

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Ant and myself were cordially invited to Damo's big day. A good time was had by all, they both looked as pleased as punch to have tied the knot with all their family and friends present.

Here's a rare opportunity for you to see the Nlife 'execs' in the same room together!


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Congratulations Damo!

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@chicken I heard the blushing bride did a spot of alcohol induced vomiting later in the evening haha

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Congats, Damo!

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Congratulations Damo!

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Wow, I sincerely congratulate you, all of you really, but mostly Damo and Mrs. Damo . Weddings are quite good fun, aren't they?

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Congratulations Damo! I hope that you had a wonderful wedding and I wish you and your wife a prosperous life with an eternity of happiness together!



Awesome, you guys look like gamers. Congrats to damo.

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