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Hahahaha, well you might be a little confuse by the title, but what I'm asking is if you can do the Rubik's Cube? I'm 15 and I've been able to do it for about 2 years.. Just wondering if any of you can do it.

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I could back when I was in the 5th grade in 1981, but I don't think I've tried since then.

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I have a history with those things! I can't remember if I actually solved one or not

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my step bro was a wiz at thoose things i could never do it you could mix the hell outta one of them and he could fix it in like 4-5 moves but he like sucked at everything else

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Nope, I suck at puzzles of all kinds. Too easily distracted and frustrated for that.

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I can't solve the thing either, there are some puzzles I can solve like the ones made out off metal wire, and the ones where you slide squares, but not the rubik .

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I learnt how to do them from watching vids on YouTube last year - could do it brilliantly for a month or so, then stopped bothering with it for a couple of weeks and then found I'd completely forgotten how!
Never mind...

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I managed the clock and the bendy one which used to break. But the cube... as a child I got miffed and did the sticker thing, my Mum realised and confiscated it. I haven't tried since. Look forward to this new Rubik's game so I can exorcise those demons.



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Everybody needs a little funk.
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I have to try the cube first!



I can do it behind my back in less than a minute and in front of me in less than 30 seconds

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I can do Rubik's Cubes, but I don't enjoy them. They seem mindless, and I've never youtubed some sort of "secret" (can't see how that's actually solving them anyway) so it's just a lot of twisting. Eventually I'll notice a pattern with how colors keep switching/lining up and start nailing sides, but yeah--there are much better ways to use one's time.

Edit: BTW, I know they aren't mindless and take great mental dexterity to solve or w/e, I'm just saying that they make my mind feel vacuous, empty, and frustrated. Mindless probably wasn't a good term.

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I still have a Cube, but haven't actually attempted to solve it since i was a kid (during which time i was pretty good at it). Every now and again i'll work it for a bit, not really to solve it though, more as just a stress reliever like one of those squeezy doll things.

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Nah not really, i give up too easily on them though so its my problem, but i dont vex about it

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YES THEY CAN! (cheesy smile!)

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