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Thu 30th Jul 2009

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Ashtrine commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

i bought it friday and i cant believe that its so amazing i didnt think id like it cause you can ask chrono i have the most horrible luck with shooters but i love it and i will prolly lose a few friends from not leaving my house



Ashtrine commented on Rayman Getting A DSiWare Game:

I dont remeber the name of it but for the 64 there was a green cased Rayman game and it was addictingly fun i wish they would remake it for the Wii it would be better with the new controls and all just my opinion though



Ashtrine commented on Epic Mickey Is Exclusive To Wii:

I loved Kingdom Hearts i stayed up all night and skipped school to beat the first one when it came out...(dont ask me at first i thought it was stupid) then i started to love it more when i got to the desert(alladin ro however you spell it.) then the holloween town was based on my favorite movire ever ^^. So this is preaty big in my opinion i already wanna play it lol,