Topic: Are you subscribed to Nintendo Power?

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You know Nintendo's Official Magazine! I subscribed a few weeks ago, and I got my first issue today!

...and by using the subscription card that came with my Nintendo DSi, I was able to get a really good deal on it!

So, who else here is subscribed to Nintendo Power?



Got a neat 50% off coupon on Amazon, so I'll be receiving my first issue next month

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I would be. If it was available in Europe
Well in Germany we only had one official Nintendo Magazine: The Club Nintendo Magazine. It was the German equivalent to Nintendo Power but it doesn't exist anymore since 2002...

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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It seems to be a great magazine so far! I'm glad I filled out my subscription! Lots of hands-on reviews, screenshots, previews, game recommendations, and some good E3 coverage! There is also an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto himself!

It's also nice that it's practically ad-free!

I HIGHLY recommend it!



I just recently renewed my subscription after letting it run out a couple of years ago.

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I subscribed in June for the Official Nintendo Mag of Australia.


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Subscribed about a year and loving every issue. Especially the recent issues have been very informative on really all consoles especially the Wii

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The last issue of NP I received had a preview for Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Man, that game looks sweet!

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It's not available here.

There's a really good independent magazine her though which is actually better because it is not afiliated with nintendo.

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for 5 years...well my brother subscribed for 3 years and I subscribed for 2 so far.

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I've been reading nintendo power from the library for years. Saved me well over 100 dollars.

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No, Nintendo Power used to be cool, but they have gone downhill during these last few years. However, I had bought a copy of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days issue at my local Hastings, that issue is awesome!



Yep. Started on the December 06 issue. Yep, the hand is not included.


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