Topic: Are you subscribed to Nintendo Power?

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HALE NAW! Worst Magazine ever. Biased towards themselves...always acting like they matter...

IGN and NL are free.



I used to, but i just figured ill use my internet to get my gaming news since the internet news changes everyday, not every month like nintendo power. I stopped at the end of 2008, started in 2004 though. The money isnt worth it anymore i think.

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Prob ten years goin on now of subscribing. Its gone down a little but hey so does everything. Everything is up and down thats just life.

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I'm subscribed, because sometimes they have good news. I've been disappointed lately, it seems now in every issue there's some new Japanese RPG and they always have to have this huge 10-page cover story for it.

Plus, the reviews are incredibly biased. They actually compared Wii Sports Resort to Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, and Metroid Prime, or one or two of them.

I hate that. It's a different game. The score for Game A suffers because Game B was better? No. That's not right. That's not how you review a game in my opinion. If the game was from the same series that would be different, but you can't compare 2 completely different games and say one's better so this one gets a lower score. They did that with Wario Land: Shake It! too, because they said, "It's not as good a platformer as Super Mario Galaxy." I mean, come on. That game got an 8, when the entire review except for the part about Super Mario Galaxy said it was a great game. I no longer rely on Nintendo Power reviews for this reason. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, and Metroid Prime 3 were good games, but I want to hear about the game you are reviewing. Thank you very much.

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I sure do! 4 years mabey more. They didnt send me last months issue , im actually pissed off about that because i always renew early and been very loyal to NP

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Did the same to me odd69.Didnt send me a renewal notice when they changed to Future. Had to buy my copy from the newstand.

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yup i have for like 3 years. i got a huge renawal thing all over the front of my last issue last month and renewed

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I've got a subscription to the Official Nintendo Magazine, which is the Australian/UK equivalent.


Yep, this December will be 15 years for me!

Though I hardly have time to read them or the other 2 magazines I get, so it's kiiiind of a waste of money.

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No but I have thought about it. I get Game Informer but they do not cover the Wii a whole lot. I just usually use NintendoLife, and metacritic to find other reviews.



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