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Mario &Luigi:Partners in time. Now THAT was an mario rpg! It was a worthy sequel to ss.

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My first DS game was New Super Mario Bros., which is one of the reasons I'm so excited for NSMB2 .
That, and, well, because it's another Mario 2D platformer

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Lego Star Wars 2. I sort of regret it, I thought it would compare to the console versions. What I got was a nice little game, not close to the console versions. The only bad part was all the freezing and glitching, looking beyond that it wasn't too bad.



Mine was pokemon soul silver (I was a very late buyer) for the original ds. THAT was a awesome game and kept me entertained for months. For some reason I liked the original ds more than the lite.

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My first game was Trace Memory. It's the best puzzle-mystery game ever!

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The first DS game I ever played was Nintendogs on my little sister's DS. It was OK, but I got bored quickly.

The first DS game I owned was Pokemon Diamond which I got with my first DS Lite for my 13th birthday, it was awesome back then, but I never actually finished it, even though I have completed Leaf Green, Platinum, Heartgold and White already.

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My first was Pokemon Trozei. It was pretty fun, actually.

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Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown Wars.

It really got me through the hard times back when the DSIware service was new and their wasn't anything good except a few puzzle games for the service.

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Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition came with my DS, and got Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow with it for Christmas one year.

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My first game was Cooking Mama.Iloved it so so so much and now I tried Cooking mama 2 and it is much much better than Cooking Mama 1

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my first was metroid prime hunters, i really enjoyed fighting against the other hunters and navigating through the worlds. .-. looking back makes me regret selling it, cus i've been having a huge urge to replay it lately.

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Super mario 64 ds and it was mind blowing to have this on a hand held for my lunch break at work

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Face it everyone, your first DS game was Nintendogs ;D haha


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@Superconsole Haha.
I never had Nintendogs on DS, but Nintendogs + Cats was certainly one of my first 3DS games.


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i got the chance to buy a special pre-release "VIP Pack" which included the DS, the Metroid Prime Hunters demo, a copy of Super Mario DS and a T shirt. Sweet deal!

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@superconsole No I didn't, but same with me as with @BenAV. I didn't get my DS at launch, plus at the time I got mine I had no idea what the quality of a DS game should be and I bought the DS version of Ultimate Spiderman, which i consider now to be awful and bloody easy, then so if I ignored that, my first games would be Metroid Prime Hunters, along with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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My first game was Drawn to Life, I got it with my DS for my 7th birthday Loved it at the time, now its a bit meh..

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